Hive Minds

OK, so we’re back from a short break and to normality again. Tony has been working hard at clearing the orders that built up while he was away. Almost everything up to April 29th has shipped, so we’re pretty much back to normal.

Which means we can resume getting the Salute releases onto the website. Today it’s Germy’s 15mm Cimexian bugs, most of which we’ve restored and remoulded. For those that remember the original ones, these remastered versions now have single piece hulls rather than separate ‘feet’ and ‘bodies’. There are a couple of models left to do – the two flyers need slightly more complicated moulds so we’ll get to those over the summer.

BUG15-001 – Ixod Heavy Tank – £9.00
BUG15-002 – Coccid Medium Tank – £8.00
BUG15-003 – Isop Light Tank – £6.00
BUG15-004 – Prion APC – £7.00
BUG15-005 – Homon Brain Bug – £5.00
BUG15-006 – Apis Walker – 8.00
BUG15-009 – Lygan Artillery Bug – £10.00

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