An Easter Treat

As a break from everything that’s going on out there, we have something a bit more lighthearted – one of our (in)famous Cake Reviews.

Going with the Easter theme, Phil and I have been munching on Mr Kipling’s Egg Fancies this time – you can read our verdict here.

Enjoy your day, whether it’s religious, chocolate egg-based or just a family day, even if you’re currently locked in.

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween from The Brigadier !


To get in the mood, Phil and I have done a suitably spooky Cake Review, our first for a while – Mr Kipling’s Witches Hat Fancies – click here to see what we made of them.


Tomorrow I’ll be at the new Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough, which will also be the Brigadieress’ show debut – she’s giving me a hand since Phil is unable to make it. I’m looking forward to it, should be a good day – come along and say hello if you’re there.

It’s oh so quiet …

It has been quiet on the blog of late, mainly because the Brigade elves are feverishly busy casting and packing the Xmas sale orders and getting them into the post. I had planned a couple of modelling articles, some previews of new products for next year, but it just hasn’t worked out …

We have managed a suitably festive cake review (well, we have to keep our strength up somehow !) – it’s the latest incarnation of Mr Kipling’s Festive Bakewells.

Finally, a reminder – the last posting dates for anywhere overseas are long past, but UK first class post can still be sent up to the 20th, which is this Saturday. So if you get your UK orders in by 9am Friday morning (the 19th) I will do my utmost to get them in the post on Saturday and to you by Christmas (no promises, mind, but we will try).

Large scale Land Ironclad!

Occasionally here at Brigade Towers we’ve discussed the idea of upscaling some of our Land Ironclads models to a larger scale. Naturally these chats come to nothing for a plethora of reasons (mostly apathy it must be said).

Until now that is…..

Child number two, eldest son and heir has just turned ten and requested a birthday cake in the shape of a tank. Fantastic I thought. What sort of tank would a ten year old child like to have? Well obviously a Brigade Models Brunel war tractor of course.

Oddly enough the Brunel war tractor cake doesn’t seem to be commercially available (surely a massive gap in the confectionary market) so I had to make my own.

So after about three hours of cutting and icing she was finished.


I’ll admit I did cheat and bought the cake since I didn’t have time to do the baking. I also decided that trying to add scale rivets to a cake was a little too much as well.


In normal service British land ironclads would be painted either standard grey or a deep bronze green. However I decided to model mine in the “dress colours” as used on the vehicles that were involved in the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.


And the most valuable lesson I learnt whilst making the cake? Don’t give in to your children and let them spend the evening baking cupcakes which means that you don’t start until nearly midnight. Making a cake until three in the morning is not particularly good idea. In fact its a very stupid idea.

And fortunately the small child seemed impressed with his cake. That’s lucky.



Blue is not a natural colour for food …

One of the more obvious phenomenons in UK supermarkets this summer (if the past rain-lashed three months can actually be termed a ‘summer’) is that there’s nothing a large conglomerate likes more than the opportunity to cash in on just about any event going. Usually it’s football tournaments (for as long as it takes for England to get knocked out on penalties, or by the Germans), very occasionally other sports (Rugby World Cup, the Ashes) and or course we all love a good Royal Wedding. This year they’ve had three bites of the marketing cherry, with the Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 tournament (knocked out by Italy this time – on penalties, of course !) and finally the London Olympics.

The result of this is that just about anything that can be branded, marketed or tied in, has been. There are the obvious official products plastered with Olympic logos, or if it’s not official then it’s festooned with Union Jacks, or failing that, let’s just make it red, white and blue ! Clothes, cakes, sweets, even bottles of shampoo have union jacks across the label.

So never let it be said that we passed up the opportunity to shamelessly jump on the bandwagon ourselves ! We popped down to Tesco, bought some coloured cakes and now we can feel part of the whole Olympic cash-in. And in time-honoured Brigade tradition, we are of course far too late and behind everyone else …

Read what we though of Mr Kipling’s ultra-patriotic red, white and blue British Fancies by clicking on the picture below.

British Fancies

Danish Delights

Another in the intermittent series of cholesterol, saturated fats and processed sugars that is the Brigade Models Cake reviews. We feel it’s our public duty to try these cakes, so you don’t have to !

Anyway, today’s treat … Costco Danish Pastries. Don’t be put off by the less than perfect photo, I took that on my phone on the bench in the workshop !

Costco Danish Pastries

A pair of tarts !

Now the title of this post could be taken as a derogatory comment on the two Brigadiers, but instead it’s referring to the more palatable custard variety. We burn lots of energy during a sale, we have to keep our sugar levels up somehow ! Click on the picture to see what we thought of these yellow beauties …

Custard Tart


A sqonut ? It’s a Tesco thing, a SQuare dOughNUT. With custard in the middle. Phil and I tried a couple the other night – you can read what we thought when we both wax lyrical in the cake reviews section of the main website. And for once, we don’t agree on the merits of this particular confection !

Tesco's Sqonuts