Black Friday Specials

We don’t generally do anything special for Black Friday – usually we already have our sale running, or about to run, so we’re covered. However, this year we thought we’d join in the fun and do a one-day special just on three specific ranges.

So for today, from midnight to midnight UK time we’ll be increasing the discount on our three 28mm ranges, Celtos, Magpie Miniatures and the Great War Belgians, to a stonking 30%. At the end of the day it’ll revert to the normal 15% for the remainder of the sale (which runs, in case you’d forgotten, until December 17th).

Celtos Gaels

Great War Belgians

A Quiet Week

After the hustle and bustle of Colours, during which I discovered that putting up, manning and breaking down the stand on your own is flippin’ hard work, I fancied a quiet week last week. It was also the Brigadieress’ birthday, so I had a very pleasant day off with her.

Some things got done – accounts have been sorted ready to send off to the accountants (that was fun …), bills paid and admin taken care of. I also worked on some new releases, rubbing down print lines on the 3D masters, prepping them for mould-making and even pouring a few moulds for resin items. Phil was also busy making moulds for the metal parts for the same models. We won’t see the results of those until later this week (it would have been today but some rather nasty wet weather has put paid to any work outdoors today).

Last Friday’s planned new release was unavoidably delayed – not because it wasn’t ready, but because I had to rearrange my week to be at the workshop on Friday for a delivery (more metal – we’re getting through it rather quickly the moment) which means I wasn’t be able to photograph the new models and add them to the website. In the end I decided to take advantage of the delay and add an extra model to the release – but of course this needs painting and photographing first, so we still aren’t there …

What we do have for you this morning are a couple of new packs, both of which we’ve been offering at shows for a little while but which have inexplicably never been put on the website.

The first pack is a fifth British spaceship fleet, the Strike Fleet pack. This pairs the two most recent ships, the Colossus battleship and Swiftsure stealth cruiser along with escorts. The pack contains a total of 10 models along with bases.


SFSP-105 – Royal Navy Strike Fleet Pack – £22.00

The second pack combines all of the figures in the Magpie Miniature range into a single discounted pack. All eight figures are there, along with bases. There seems to be a number of different collective nouns for magpies, but we settled on a Murder of Magpies.


MGP-001 – A Murder of Magpies – £22.00

Magpie Miniatures


Many, many moons ago we did some mould-making and casting for a Dutch sculptor named Cindy Dukino, in return for some artwork that she did for us. Cindy had sculpted a small number of figures that she released under the name of Magpie Miniatures, a small mix of various fantasy characters of her own devising.

We’d almost forgotten about this until Phil and I happened across the mould in the uppermost reaches of a shelf unit at the back of the workshop. We did a bit of sleuthing work, tracked Cindy down and contacted her with an eye toward re-releasing the range through our website. To our delight she agreed, and here they are.

There are eight figures in the range currently, although we are hoping that Cindy might turn her hand towards one or two more figures in the future.

Eric Mabel Susan and Grumps Ben

MGP-101 Eric
MGP-102 Mabel
MGP-103 Susan and Grumps
MGP-104 Ben
MGP-105 Tiffany
MGP-106 Hambo
MGP-107 Chris
MGP-108 Esther

All figures retail at £3.00.

Tiffany Hambo Chris Esther