New Stockist

Last Man, Last Bullet have begun stocking our Small Scale Scenery alongside their own excellent selection of pillboxes and other battlefield fortifications. They cover a different spread of shows to us so should widen our catchment area. They’ve started with a small selection of our forts and castles, but assuming all goes well we’re hoping they’ll expand the range that they stock.


Normally Friday would be new release day here (although lately it’s been Mondays as well as we push out the Armies Army 15mm figures). Sadly, today we have nothing for you. It’s not that we don’t want to, or even that we don’t have anything – a quick count-up reveals that our new releases for the next four or five weeks are pretty much lined up and ready to go. It’s simply that we’ve been too busy ! As recently revealed, we have a new US stockist in Scale Creep Miniatures, and Mark sent us his initial stock order at the end of last week. This was to send the Brigade foundries into unprecedented overdrive, casting all manner of metal and resin items to ship off to the states.


But not immediately, as our friends John and John at Pico Armor had sent us a restock order ready for Historicon just a few hours earlier, so we weren’t even able to start on Mark’s order until Tuesday. And in amongst this of course, we have to deal with normal website orders that arrive every day.


As a result, Phil and I have done nothing this week apart from production casting, so the rather splendid new model that we had lined up to release today lies forlorn and unpainted on my workbench. We’ll just have to push the release schedule back a week, but hopefully we’ll be able to return to normal next Friday.

As a taster of things to come (although it’s not in the next few releases, it’s a bit further down the line), how about this ? It’s the Kirin Combat Walker, which will be part of our Mercenary Brigade force in 15mm (and hopefully 6mm as well down the line). This one was designed by Kirk Alderfer with input from Zac Braham, the pairing that designed the rest of the Mercenary vehicles. The arm mounts are designed to accept any of the weapons from the Sohei tank, while the shoulder points will take a number of items including missile pods, sensor pods, the standard Mercenary secondary gun and even a spotlight.

Kirin Blog


In our continued efforts to rule the world (!) we’re pleased to say that we have another stockist. Scale Creep will be stocking the more popular Aeronef, 15mm and 6mm SF and spaceship items, starting soon ! Mark is finalising his initial stock order, and if you’d like to place an order with him for some specific items there’s still time to do so.


This will mean that between Scale Creep, Fantization (Celtos), Pico Armor (Small Scale Scenery) and Grand Scale Games (Aeronef and Land Ironclads), all of our major ranges are now covered in North America.

Rochester Games, Models and Railway

This is probably only of interest to anyone in Kent, but feel free to read on, even if you’re in another country !

Just about the only independent wargames shop in the North of Kent, Rochester Games, Models and Railway is situated on the main A2 through the historic town of Rochester (it used to be a City, but someone messed up …). Jim and Victoria, the very friendly owners, carry a large and increasing range of scale models (Tamiya, Airfix, Revell, Italeri), model railway (Hornby, Peco, Bachmann) and wargames (GW, Warlord Games, West Wind, PSC … and now Brigade Models !).


This morning I delivered two large boxes full of a variety of blisters. Initially they will be stocking spaceship squadron packs, Celtos unit packs (and some individual figures), 6mm company packs and Squadron Commander blister packs. However, they will take orders and if you require anything else from our other ranges then ask and they’ll pass your request onto us.

RGMR doesn’t have a website yet, but they do have a Facebook page and host regular gaming nights. The Rochester Sweeps Festival is this weekend, so if you’re going along then why not pop in and pay them a visit ? Alternatively, go and visit the shop and while you’re there enjoy the festivities.

New Stockist – Grand Scale Games


Grand Scale Games in Indianapolis specialises in very small scale (2mm) gaming and Nick now stocks many of the items from our Land Ironclads and Aeronef ranges. We often get asked about Aeronef stockists in North America – now we have one again.


New Stockist – Dungeon Castings

Not one, but two new stockists this year. Following hard on the heels of Piece of Terrain in the Czech Republic, Dungeon Castings in Livingston, Scotland now stock our 6mm Desert Buildings. They are available both on their website and in the Dungeon Castings eBay shop.


New Stockist – Czech Republic

We have another new new stockists of our 2mm buildings, this time in the Czech Republic.

The first package has just arrived and the proprietor of Piece of Terrain, Roman, has wasted no time in getting everything up and available on his site.


He’s also taken some photos as he unboxed the models, comparing the buildings to some Dystopian Wars items – as you can see, they’re a perfect match.

You can find a full list of overseas stockists on our website.

New Stockist – Assault Publishing


Good news for gamers in Europe – we have a new stockist of our 15mm items, Assault Publishing in Lublin, Poland.

They’ve initially taken stock of our full range of 15mm buildings, along with a smaller selection of vehicles and figures. They even have one or two new and upcoming models that aren’t on our website yet !


New US Retailer

We have a new retailer in the US. PicoArmor have picked up our range of 2mm buildings and are now selling them from their website and at conventions. Judging by the amount of stock we’ve already had to ship out to them, it seems they are mighty popular, at the moment we can barely keep up …


PicoArmor will be at Historicon from July 18th-21st and will have as much stock as we can get to them, including some new items that aren’t even on our website yet !

We’ll have news of another new stockist soon – as soon as we’re able to complete their first order and get it to them.

Retailer orders seem to be like buses, nothing for ages then loads come along at once …

Angel Barracks

Just a quick shout out for Michael at Angel Barracks – he’s the only other stockist of our 6mm buildings range and covers a few shows in the South-West of the UK that we don’t (tomorrow he’s at Attack! in Devizes, Wiltshire).

He has also started his own range of 6mm figures (we know all about this ‘cos we’re casting for him !) – a pack of civilians and a new pack of RDF (Regional Defence Force) troopers. We’ll be carrying these figures at any shows we attend, although you should go straight to AB for mail order.