Tiny Houses

As mentioned in a recent post, we’re planning to expand our range of 2mm scenery as part of the Land Ironclads range. To this end, we were rather excited when a bunch of 3D prints arrived the other week.

The first batch consisted of 20 different English village buildings – mostly houses, with the odd inn and shop thrown in for good measure. Each building is unique, so it will allow you to build a largish village or maybe two small hamlets without any repetition.

The second batch was nine English churches in various styles. The larger size meant that I had to model the towers separately from the naves, so I took the opportunity to make a common join, which means that any of the tower designs will fit any of the three nave types. There are three main tower designs (crenelated tower, steeple, low-pitched roof) but each is slightly different, so it’s possible to make up to 27 unique church designs.

Unfortunately, the prints weren’t all that we had hoped for – the definition isn’t great and some of the buildings are mis-shapen. They certainly aren’t as good as the various forts and lighthouses that arrived before them. We can’t decide whether it’s a bad print, or it’s simply that we’ve pushed the limits of this particular 3D printing material too far with these tiny, tiny houses (some are only 5mm across). We either need a (better) reprint using this material (which we like for buildings because of the natural rough surface finish) or find a material that can cope better with very small models. Either way, we won’t be able to put them into production immediately as we had hoped 🙁

Back to Neu Celle

Neu Celle has had to take a back seat recently with the preparations for SELWG and Crisis, but I managed to find some time in the last couple of days to do a little more work.

The buildings have all finally been drybrushed, which has pulled together all of the staining and shading from the washes, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the final result. The combination of the staining from the various wash stages and the lighter drybrush has resulted in some pretty worn and weathered looking buildings, exactly what I was after. All that’s left to do for now is paint the doors and other details, and then I’ll be able to put them on the table (at last).

I’ve also painted the rubbish skips and Moisture Collector Units (MCUs) which we released recently. All of the models were rinsed in clean water first to remove any dust from the 3D printing process, then given a quick white undercoat from a spray can once they had dried. The skips were easy to paint, just a simple coat base of paint followed by a heavy wash to dirty them down. Incidentally, after a slight redesign of the models we’ve dropped the price by about 65p or so, which has to be good 🙂

The MCUs were superglued to 1¢ (euro) coins to act as bases (and weigh them down nicely so they don’t topple over). They were then washed in Citadel Badab Black, followed by a drybrush in white, then some small coloured details (just a red band around the top). The base was textured using Tamiya textured paint (this is very expensive but I had some left over from a previous project, so I might as well use it up !). A little bit of flock on the base and that was it. The MCUs will be very handy as small terrain pieces in both 15mm and 6mm – there’s not much to give their scale away.

Threat from the East

Anyone who has read the background and history of the Iron Cow rulebook will know of the rise of the Indonesian Republic toward the end of the 21st century. Conquering many of their island neighbours and even threatening the eastern coastline of India, they emerge as a major world power at the turn of the 22nd Century. Steve Blease wrote some notes on a campaign between the Indonesian Republic and the Pacific Federation some time ago, now we’re finally catching up with models !

Today we’re previewing a new range of Indonesian armoured grav vehicles in 6mm – these are pre-production castings with an undercoat (I haven’t yet had time to paint them).

Indonesian Republic tanks

No target date for release just yet, as mentioned these are pre-production castings so there’s still the odd casting issue to iron out first.

More Land Ironclads Forts

More previews, this time of a couple of new Land Ironclads forts. These are variations on the existing Maunsell sea fort, one with a single turret and leg and the other a much larger four-turret fortress. We should have stocks of these for Crisis in a couple of weeks’ time.

A Strange Request …

As usual, we will be at Crisis 2012 at the new venue on the dockside in Antwerp and, as always, welcome any orders you may have for collection at the show (e-mail us if you’d like to place an order). If the order is worth 50€ or more then we’ll give you 10% off as well.

We should have the odd new release or two; we’re hoping that the Belgian Civilians will find their way to us from New Zealand in time, and we’re working on getting others ready – watch out for details of these.

Now I have a rather odd favour to ask any European customers who are going to the show and can help me out; I would like to get hold of some 1-cent euro coins – quite a lot, about 500, or 5€ worth. Is there anyone who could get to a bank somewhere in the euro-zone and get some for me ? I’ll happily pay in advance if needed (via PayPal) or I can give you a crisp 5€ note on the day (and there’ll be a free model or two in it for you as well …). E-mail me if you’re prepared to get strange looks at the local bank when you ask for a fistfull of small coins, and I’ll be eternally grateful !

UPDATE – my euro-coin problem is solved, thanks very much to Patrick for offering to sort this for me 🙂

Another Belgian sneak peek

In addition to completing the Belgian civilians Aaron has also started on something else for our WWI range. He hasn’t finished yet so just a little sneak peek for now……

More Belgians….

Following on from the rather belated release of our latest Belgian infantry figures we have a preview of some more.

This time its a selection of six (well actually six and a half) refugees. As with the others in the range they have been sculpted by the talented Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting.

They are due to be leaving New Zealand in the next day or so and we’re aiming for a release at the Crisis show in Antwerp in November (assuming that they don’t get delayed in customs of course).

So if you’re a Belgian player looking for someone to defend or a German player looking for someone to terrify these could be just what you’re after.

New Great War Belgians

The new skirmishing Belgian infantry have been added to the website – three packs of six figures (three poses per pack) at £6.50. Find them here. No photos of the production models yet, hopefully by the end of the week !

New Releases

A very quick post at the end of lunch …

Most of the new releases from SELWG are now on the website; although photos are pre-production or simply non-existent, you can at least click the ‘Add to Cart’ button ! I’ll be working through the week to take new photos and update the site (if you’ve been following the blog then you pretty much know what the models look like anyway).

The Scandinavian Union aeronef have their own page.

The river gunboats are Neo-Soviet page. I’ll be adding options for different turret configurations as well.

I have yet to do the Belgian skirmish infantry, time has run out, but I’ll have a go tonight.

See you tomorrow

The van is packed and ready to go to SELWG in the morning – we’ve crammed as much stock in as we can and the Pegasus Bridge game is balanced on top of it all !

Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow – we’re in the main hall by one of the exits, same place as last year.

Off to bed for a 6:30am start …