Salute Release Pricing

Ten days to Salute (aaaaghh !!!). So here we go … details and pricing for some of the Salute Releases. We’ll update this page with more as we go along so you may want to revisit again before the day.

British Spaceships
UPDATE – please note slight changes to destroyer designations

SFSP-101 – Fleet Pack (2 Churchill, 2 Heavy Cruiser, 2 A-class, 2 S-class) – £22.00
SFSP-103 – Pursuit Pack (2 Inflexible, 2 Town class, 2 W-class, 2 D-class, 3 L-class) – £22.00

SFS-100 – Churchill class Battleship – £7.50
SFS-101 – Inflexible class Battlecruiser – £6.00
SFS-120 – County class Heavy Cruiser – £3.50
SFS-121 – Town class Light Cruiser – £2.50
SFS-130 – A-class Fleet Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-131 – D-class Torpedo Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-132 – W-class Escort Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-140 – L-class Frigate – £0.75
SFS-150 – S-class Corvette – £0.25
SFS-170 – Manxman class MWV – £1.50

As I suspected he might, Phil popped up with yet another mould which I didn’t know about – so AmRep players now get a new fighter type, the Goshawk.

SFS-262 Goshawk fighter (x12) – £1.50

Squadron Commander

SCR-1401 – Pedang class Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-1402 – Kampak class Attack Fighter – £2.50
Both available in blister packs of four models for £9.00 including bases

Indonesian 6mm Vehicles

IC-1401 – Indonesian Army Group – £35.00
IC-1411 – Indonesian Tank Company – £11.50
IC-1412 – Indonesian Infantry Company – £12.00
IC-1413 -Indonesian Artillery Group – £14.50
IC-1414 – Indonesian Armoured Convoy – £10.75
All individual vehicles – £1.00

6mm Desert Buildings

B300-109 – Villa – £2.00
B300-111 – Loading Bay – £2.00
B300-122 – Small Tower #2 – £2.00
B300-123 – Twin-dome Buildings – £1.75
B300-124 – Large Villa – £2.25

15mm EuroFed SF
SF15-401 – Montsabert Tank (tank or support variant) – £8.00
SF15-403 – Tassigny APC (twin-MG, gatling or missile mount) – £8.00
SF15-403b – Tassigny Missile Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-403c – Tassigny Command Vehicle – £8.00

15mm German SF
SF15-301 – Thor Tank (tank, heavy support or twin support turrets) – £8.00
SF15-303 – Lynx APC (twin-MG or autocannon turret) – £8.00

15mm Buildings
B15-201 – Small advanced house- £7.00
B15-202 – Medium advanced house- £9.00

Land Ironclads
VLI-8017 – British Flak Tower – £2.00
VLI-8018 – German Flak Tower – £2.00

28mm Great War
GW28-1139 – Belgian Civilians/refugees (x6) – £6.50


Just out of curiosity, what are the visual differences between the British destroyer classes? They all looked pretty similar to me in the earlier pictures, but are there additional details under the hull?



The weapon differences are under the chin so not obvious in photographs. The basic destroyer has a normal gun turret, the torpedo destroyer has a torpedo tube and you can probably guess what the missile destroyer has …


OK, seems I made a slight mistake on the destroyer designations – there is no missile destroyer, instead we have an escort destroyer – this has no chin weapon, but in the stats has more powerful anti-fighter armament.


I’m really looking forward to the British fleet. Do you anticipate having the Dreadnaught, Carrier and Fighters ready for Salute?


You’d reckon correctly – the dreadnought was never intended to be ready, it’s slated for a release in a few weeks (middle of May hopefully) and, after I made a mistake with the scaling of the fighters, we weren’t able to get those ready either. And there didn’t seem much point putting out the carrier without the fighters, so they’ll all be released at the same time as the dreadnought.


Are the other ships going to be available from the store shortly? Or have I missed that announcement? 🙂


Hi Brigade!

Any word on when those British ships will be hitting the web store? I know us Yanks would love to get our hands on them but we can’t exactly afford the trip to any of the wargaming shows you guys are attending ;).


Hi Mike

They’re going to be delayed a bit, unfortunately. We’ve decided that we’re not happy with the quality of the casts of some of the larger models, so we’re going to reprint and remould them. This will take several weeks (having been delayed by the fact that we ran out of moulds and had to wait for new supplies !). But we’d rather do this than release models we see as not up to the quality we’re after. I’ll be ordering the new prints later today, they should arrive sometime next week so we can get moulding immediately. The good news is that the delay will allow us to get the dreadnought, carrier and fighters out at the same time.