Fleeing from the Boche !

All six front

Another new release today – this time we’re going back to the start of WW1 and the German attack on Belgium. We have six new figures depicting Belgian civilians caught up in the fighting and fleeing the advancing German forces. All of the figures were sculpted from contemporary photographs and wear authentic clothing, and have random head variants.

They are available as a pack of six figures, as separate male and female sets (three figures each) or individually.

GW28-1139 Belgian Civilians (x6) – £6.50
GW28-1139m Male Civilians (x3) – £3.50
GW28-1139w Female Civilians (x3) – £3.50

Some not-so-good news as well. Having reviewed the British spaceship moulds, we’ve decided that we’re not going to release them immediately – some, especially the moulds for the larger vessels, are a bit unreliable and the quality of some of the castings simply isn’t good enough. We’re going to redesign some of the models slightly and get new prints made, followed by new moulds. This process will probably take several weeks (and is going to cost us quite a bit in new prints and moulds) which is disappointing, but we’d rather do that than push out models that aren’t to the standard we (or you) would expect.

But finishing on a positive note, we’ll have more new releases later in the week – 6mm buildings and 15mm vehicles 🙂


boche, you could have say : fridolin, schleu, doryphore, vert de gris, pruscosses, frisés…French people have a lot of “names” for this invading army.

william kuby

HI THRE well i am more inred in the gaels in the large amazon army and i dont do credcards and paypaill is a whay to do monnyorters ? i can add cavry to my amzons thanks WKJR