Utter Madness !

We recently got wind of a change to the Royal Mail’s list of restricted items that can’t be sent through the post – (wait for it) water-based paints. According to the Royal Mail website, no more than four pots can be sent in a single parcel, each no larger than 150ml.

(the snippet below is taken from the Pendraken website)

We don’t sell paints, so this doesn’t affect us from a business point of view, but we do buy them, and it will affect us as gamers because it’ll inevitably lead to increases in the cost of shipping.

Apparently it’s to ‘protect other items in the mail’. Fair enough, but this doesn’t sit consistently with the ability to ship a litre of alcohol in a glass bottle – surely there’s far more chance of that breaking and making your credit card bill smell of whisky, than there is a plastic pot of Ultramarine blue leaking its copious contents all over the bank statements and birthday cards ?

Leon Pengilley of Pendraken Miniatures has started a petition to get RM to lift (or at least modify) this ban. We’ve signed it, we think every other gamer should too.