Shapeways Items Now in Stock


Recently we’ve experimented with stocking a small number of from our Shapeways Store items and selling from our stand at shows. This has proved to be successful enough that we’ve decided to try keeping more stock of the most popular items and making them available by mail order from the website. The first stock items arrived yesterday and we’ve wasted no time in getting them on the website.

To start with we have just three items in the store, but we’re expecting more stock of other items early next week so keep an eye on the page over the next couple of weeks.

These items can be ordered normally from the website along with anything else you require. We will do our best to keep decent stocks of them, but if we’re ever short on stock then we’ll let you know and you can either cancel your order or wait until we get stocks in (usually 3 weeks or so). Please note that the prices may be different from what you would pay if ordering directly from Shapeways due to currency fluctuations.


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