Pulp Action

Many of you will have seen, either in the flesh or in photos, the magnificient Pacific Aeronef game from Jon Rogers and his Arbuthnot’s Aeronautical League of Gentlemen.

Jon sets his games in more of an early-C.20th ‘pulp’ background rather than the late-1800’s of the official setting, and asked me if we could make some in-scale aircraft models to fit his view of things. The particular aircraft he was after were the Boeing P-26 Peashooter and the Martin B-10 bomber with its distinctive twin cockpits.

Since these models don’t necessarily fit in with our existing Aeronef range, we’ve decided to do them as 3D print-on-demand models in our Shapeways store, rather than as metal castings.



Clicking on the images above will take you to the relevant page in our Shapeways ‘Brigade3D’ store. If you wish to order a different number than those available (we have them in packs of 12 fighters or 6 bombers) then please contact us and we’ll arrange to have a file with the correct number uploaded for you; pricing in Shapeways is such that the more you order, the cheaper they become per item.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t paint the markings ! They are decals from the excellent Dom’s Decals range.