Shapeways Free Shipping

Shapeways are currently offering free European shipping until midnight on Wednesday 27th. We know that shipping costs are a major bugbear for some potential Shapeways customers, so here’s your chance to avoid them. There are a couple of caveats; shipping must be to UK, Netherlands or German addresses, and the order has to be 60€ (roughly £50) or more. That said, we have noticed in the past that Shapeways often have similar offers in the USA at the same time (we just don’t get the e-mails since it doesn’t affect us), so North American customers may want to check the Shapeways website.

We will be placing an order of our own, so if anyone wants to order one or two items from the Brigade Shapeways shop, less than the minimum amount, then let us know by the end of Tuesday 26th. You can piggyback on our order and will only have to pay the cost of getting the model from us to you (which is less than Shapeways shipping would be).