The Last Post

It’s getting close to the last posting dates for Christmas again. You can find the official last posting dates on the Royal Mail website. However, to give us a chance to get your order ready, we will need a few days notice, so the last dates to get orders to us are:

Australia, Eastern Europe : Sunday 1st December
Canada, France, Greece, Poland : Sunday 8th December
USA, Western Europe (except France, Greece, Poland) : Wednesday 11th December
UK : Wednesday 18th December

If your order is anything other than a small one (> £20) or has any resin items included, please try to give us a few days extra. Obviously, if you can then please give us more notice if at all possible.


This is probably a good time to post a reminder about our Gift Vouchers. These are backed by PayPal and can be used like cash on anything on our website – they are also valid during our sale periods.