Fourth Base

In the Hammer’s Slammers:Crucible rules, infantry fight as squads; the whole squad is removed as a casualty rather than individual figures. This means that it’s easier to have your figures based by squads (well, fireteams really, 3-4 men or so) since it makes movement and measuring easier. However, most of my figures are on single bases (coins), since I like to be able to use them for other rulesets in which figures fight as individuals. I don’t want to lose this flexibility and start basing all of my figures on squad bases, but I can see the attraction and the ease of use of doing things this way. Essentially, I want to have my cake and eat it (and we do know a lot about cake here at Brigade Towers).


So, for our recent first game of HS, I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea of sabot bases – in other words, squad bases with slots for my individually based figures. The basic one has holes for four figures, but I also made another with slots for three figures plus ones with bigger holes for heavy weapons teams. A couple of resin moulds later and I had a bunch of shiny bases. The figures, by the way, are GZG’s official Hammer’s Slammer figures (I don’t have any of ours painted and to hand !).


I even put in a little slot for a tiny magnet to make the figures even more secure. I picked up 500 magnets from eBay for a little over £5 – they aren’t fantastically strong, but they hold the figures upside down (although I wouldn’t shake them too much !).


Initially I only made these for my own amusement – they weren’t intended for sale. However, I put a few photos of the bases on TMP and the reaction was positive enough that we thought we’d put them on the website. After all, the moulds have been made so it won’t cost us any extra. The bases are 45mm square and come pre-textured with a generic ‘rough ground’ pattern, so all they need is paint and flock. The holes are 18mmØ for the small holes and 27mmØ for the larger ones – these conveniently fit a one eurocent coin and a UK 2p coin respectively, with a little bit of wiggle room, which is what I use for my figures (euro-cents for single figures, 2ps for larger models, heavy weapons or 2-man sniper teams).


SF15-901 – Four-man fire-team base – £0.75
SF15-902 – Three-man fire-team base – £0.75
SF15-903 – Heavy-weapon plus commander base – £0.75
SF15-904 – Heavy weapon base – £0.75