Turret Bunker Released


Today we’ve added a new model to the Fortifications section of the 15mm range (which immediately doubles the number of bunkers we have available !). This is a heavy bunker fitted with a tank turret to make a powerful strongpoint for any defence line.


Our vehicles are designed with standard turret rings of two diameters – 12mm for tanks and 7mm for APCs and light vehicles. This bunker will take any 12mm turret – so that means any turret from the German Thor tank, EuroFed Montsabert and Garibaldi or the PacFed Cougar. This gives nine turret options, and as the range increases we’ll add any new models to the list of options. Some of the photos below show turrets from the Neo-Soviet Bizon tank, which aren’t available yet but will (fingers crossed) finally be available soon.


B15-1002c – German Turret Bunker – £9.00
B15-1002d – EuroFed Turret Bunker – £9.00
B15-1002g – PacFed Turret Bunker – £9.00


We’ll be adding a smaller bunker with a fitting for smaller diameter turret rings so that you can also have fortifications with AA and missile turrets.