Celtos – The Saga Continues

firbolg3The slow but steady progress on the new Celtos rules continues; we held another round of playtesting a couple of weeks ago and, at the end of it, had very few notes or changes to make. Which is very good news, since it means that if we came up with so few changes or queries, the rules must be pretty solid. The actions we did take away were all in terms of fleshing out items like the range of hero abilities, available spells or extra cards for the Fate deck. So from here we need to build the final army lists, and then we’ll be just about ready for external playtesting 🙂

The pile of new Celtos masters keeps growing, the box on the shelf above my desk has around twenty figures in it, with another half-a-dozen or so in the works. When we’re more confident about a release date and we have some prototype castings to paint then we’ll start previewing these.

In the meantime … a few photos of the latest playtesting round. You might spot some proxy figures (ie models from other manufacturers that are standing in for ones that we haven’t had made yet), some unpainted cavalry (unpainted figures … oh the shame of it !) and my painfully unreliable yellow ten-sided dice that were complete rubbish before lunch, but perked up afterwards to be demon critical hit throwers !