Indonesian Spaceships Released

I’m back from my holiday and straight into the swing of things again. Phil has been mould-making like mad while I’m away which means we have lots of new stuff to bring you in the next few weeks. Today sees the first part of the launch of our Indonesian spaceship range. They were originally scheduled to come out last week but I wasn’t here to do it !

The initial release consists of five models and a fleet pack. The star of the show is the Borobudur class battlecruiser, supported by two cruisers and two escorts.


SFS-1400 – Borobudur class Battlecruiser – £6.00
SFS-1420 – Sulawesi class Heavy Cruiser – £3.50
SFS-1421 – Toba class Light Cruiser – £2.00
SFS-1430 – Pembuang class Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-1440 – Martadinata class Frigate – £0.75

SFSP-1401 – Indonesian Fleet Pack – £22.00


The Nanggala class carrier and two fighter types will be released shortly, we just need to finalise moulds and painted models before they’re ready.

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