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Today’s new release is another very useful set of 2mm buildings in the Small Scale Scenery range. These are larger detached houses, useful as country houses, rectories, larger town houses, even inns or small hotels. The sort of house that the Brigadieress and I often drive past enviously while realising that we’re unlikely ever to be able to buy one on the Brigade profits … They can be found in villages or on the outer edges of towns or cities. Nowadays many of this type of large house have been converted into doctors’ or dentists’ surgeries, solicitors practices or subdivided into flats, but back in the day they’d be the home of local businessmen, doctors, lawyers, clergymen and other gentry.

Along with the existing sets of buildings (churches, village houses, terraces, Civic Buildings and town shops) we reckon it’s now possible to make a decent-sized English town from our range. All of the buildings have been modelled on real-world prototypes, most within a 10-mile radius of Brigade HQ.


SSS-8037 – English Detached Houses – £7.50

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