Late Arrivals

We did promise last week that there were more new releases due in the 15mm Mercenary Brigade range, and here they are. Three more new models to round out your force and give you plenty of combat options.


The first of the three is the powerful Ontos tank destroyer. Based on the Shaman hull, it’s armed with six hypersonic missile launchers mounted either side of a fixed superstructure.


The Mantra IFV has the opposite mission profile to the Ontos, being tasked with suppressing opposition infantry rather than armour. Based again on the Shaman drive train, the Mantra has an open fighting compartment for the crew with a simple splinter shield for protection. Hiroseke Army vehicles are equipped with three gatlings, although the Mantra is also available with railguns, tri-barrels or conventional machine-guns.


The Wizard jeep is used by command teams for scouting, liaison, artillery spotting, casevac, resupply and any number of other purposes. The remote weapon mount means that it is anything but defenceless, and the rear compartment can be given some measure of protection with a hard cover.


SF15-1506 – Mantra Infantry Fighting Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-1507 – Wizard Jeep – £3.00
SF15-1508 – Ontos Tank Destroyer – £8.00
PP15-1508 – Ontos Platoon Pack – £22.00
SF15-1551 – Remote Weapon Mount (x8) – £1.50

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