Mercenary Reinforcements Available

The first thing to say this morning is that we’ve finally caught up with orders again, and (apart from ones that arrived yesterday/overnight) the order queue is empty (happy dance … 🙂 ).

We previewed more additions to our Mercenary Brigade a little while back, and finally we’re able to announce the release of two of them.

The Sohei hover tank provides the Brigade with heavy firepower through one of four different main gun options – heavy laser, gatling, Discarding Sabot cannon or twin powergun. This is supplemented by a five-pod Manta missile rack and a remote weapon mount on the turret roof.


The Brigade’s infantry complement ride in Magnus APCs. These are a ‘battle-taxi’ type, with two remote weapon mounts for self defence but no heavier armament.


Designed by Zac Braham and Kirk Alderfer, both vehicles are available singly, or there is a Sohei platoon pack with crew, stowage and optional main guns.

SF15-1502 – Sohei Hover Tank – £11.00
SF15-1503 – Magnus APC – £8.00

PP15-1502 – Sohei Platoon Pack – £31.00


John Treadaway has written the Mercs into the Hammer’s Slammers universe as the Hiroseke National Army, adversaries of the Stewart Regiment. Not all of the vehicles are available yet, but we’re getting there – more Mercenary Brigade vehicles will be released in the next few days.

Decals on the painted models are 1/300th and 1/600th Japanese aircraft markings by Dom’s Decals.

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