Last Call for Blast-tastic!

The inaugural Blast-tastic! show is on Saturday – less than 48 hours away now (Michael at Angel Barracks is either very excited or stressed by now). I will be at the workshop tomorrow, casting up the last of the stock and loading up ready for an early start on Saturday morning. You thus have one last chance to get any pre-orders in to us – if you can get them in by first thing tomorrow (Friday – say 8am) I should still be able to sort them out for you during the day. I’ll do my best with anything that arrives later, but the phone signal at the workshop is ropey and access to my emails can be sporadic.


Friday would normally be new release day for us, but I’m probably going to roll over this week’s release to Monday or Tuesday now – they’re painted, but I’m very unlikely to have time to photograph them and update the website tomorrow. However, the moulds for the new releases are all ready to go, and we’ll have stock on Saturday. What are they ? Come and see us at the show to find out …

We will have a few other unreleased bits for sale on Saturday as well, models that are due for release in the near future but aren’t out yet – there should be some Aeronef and 15mm items in there.

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