We Had a Blast!

Back from our long trip to Bristol for Blast-tastic! yesterday. We had a great day, so many thanks to Michael of Angel Barracks for the work that he and his wife Sam put in to making it a successful event. There were a number of good looking games there, although unfortunately we ended up being too busy to get a chance to take part in any (the positive side of this is that we shifted quite a lot of models). It’s looking likely that there will be a second edition next year, so if you weren’t able to make it this time, you’ll get another chance.

Remember that next week (Sunday 12th) it’s SELWG at Crystal Palace. There is still time to get in your orders for the show, the cut-off will be Thursday morning. You can either send us an order by email and pay on the day (cash or credit card) or place the order through the website using the Collect in Person shipping option and pay in advance (that way the website won’t charge any postage).

Finally a special thank you to Keith Armstrong of Armies Army for the Commonwealth troops in Glengarries – perfect for my Stewart Regiment 🙂



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