Mur de l’Atlantique

Amid all the shows and continuous stocking up, Phil has still found time to produce some new moulds. Amongst the new items we’ll have at Crisis will be our 2mm Atlantic Wall models. These ended up being so numerous that we’ve split them into two full sets plus a single separate resin bunker.

AW Release

Set one contains larger artillery bunkers, some with separate guns. There is one M-262a Fire Direction bunker, four M-272 casemates with ex-destroyer turrets (as at the Longues-sur-Mer battery), four kettle emplacements with separate heavy artillery pieces, four H-669 casemates which would house conventional artillery pieces (as at the Merville battery) and three ammunition bunkers.


The second set consists of smaller Tobruk emplacements, anti-tank bunkers. etc. The Vf600-SK bunkers were sited on beach walls with the gun firing in enfilade down the beaches, but with an almost impervious concrete wall facing the sea. H-677 bunkers protected large 88mm anti-tank guns, while the smaller H-667 bunkers were equipped with 50mm guns. Tobruk bunkers (named after ones first developed by the Italians in Libya) were very numerous and could be equipped with a single machine gun, light mortar or a turret taken from a captured French light tank – several of our models have tiny FT-17 turrets. There is also a pair of larger AA bunkers which would both house personnel and also have a FlAK gun on the roof.


The largest model is the Grand Bunker (Der Grosse Bunker/Le Grand Bunker), used as an anti-aircraft control site but which dominated Sword Beach at Ouistreham.


SSS-8043 – Atlantic Wall #1 Artillery Bunkers – £6.00
SSS-8044 – Atlantic Wall #2 Small Bunkers – £5.00
SSS-8045 – Atlantic Wall Le Grand Bunker – £0.50

They aren’t on the website yet, look out for that early next week.

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