All Aboard !

Long, long ago, when Brigade started up, we made a selection of 6mm buildings as our first range. The very first building was a church, there were some townhouses, a bridge, small tower block etc, and we made destroyed or damaged versions of each one. The other day I came across some very old masters that never made it into the range, one of which was a model that had become something of a standing joke between Phil and I. For some reason I’d got it into my head to make a model of Bonn railway station, or Bonn Hauptbahnhof to give it the German name, a rather magnificient edifice built in 1844. It was a pretty detailed model and when Phil saw the first partly completed section he laughed derisively, declaring that a) I would never finish it and b) would be a nightmare to cast even if I did. He was of course correct on both counts – I never did finish it, but if I had the detailed stonework would have been a real headache to cast in resin without ending up with something shot through with air bubbles.

Ever since those days, the model has been part of Brigade folklore. However, with the advent of the Small Scale Scenery 2mm range and armed with this new-fangled 3D printing technology, I have made it my mission to finally bring the model to production in some form – and here it is, finally.


The sharp-eyed may have spotted it lurking in the background of some of the shots of the Stoke Rochford terrain, masquerading as Frampton Central Station. This version was very rapidly painted for the game, but still looks pretty sharp.



SSS-8042 – Bonn Station – £3.50

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