More 10mm Buildings

This week’s release isn’t what we expected it to be. Up until Wednesday it was something else altogether, but then I started painting some samples of the planned new releases and was rather struck that they were, how can we put it .. ? Not Very Good. The designs are fine, but the final prints and castings were, not to put too fine a point on it, Not Good Enough.

Sooo … fortunately we always have something in reserve for occasions like this. The first wave of 10mm buildings was only part of the first batch of masters, there were more buildings that weren’t included in that release. Some of these have already been moulded, cast and even painted, so I’ve swiftly photographed them, stock them on the website and – voila! – the day has been saved !


So we’ll pretend that this has been the plan all along, and proudly announce the release of three new buildings in our 10mm SF range. The Munitions Bunker in particular has been one that has been requested from the existing 6mm and 15mm ranges, and we always aim to please 🙂

B10-103 – Large House/Shop – £3.00
B10-126 – Munitions Bunker – £2.25
B10-127 – Primitive Dwelling- £2.25

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