Slamming Maidstone

A couple of weeks ago Maidstone Wargames Society had the privilege of hosting a 15mm Hammer’s Slammers game run by John Treadaway, co-author of the rules. The game pitted my recently painted Sulewesi National Army who were fighting alongside two detachments of Terran Authority Starmarines (fielding their Komodo heavy tanks for the first time), against the Slammers themselves in uparmoured Blower tanks plus detachments of the Stewart regiment and the West Riding Yeomanry.

John has written an AAR of the game which appears on the Slammers’ site alongside a number of photos. There are more photos by Mike Proudlock on the Maidstone site. Below are a selection of the ones I took, mostly from my perspective as the Sulewesi commander so viewed from the (victorious, it has to be said) end of the table.

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