The Blue and the Grey … and the Brick Red !

We aren’t just about spaceships and grav tanks and laser-guided missiles, you know. Granted, the Small Scale Scenery range started as an off-shoot of our VSF ranges, but has since developed a life of its own and grown to encompass historical defensive structures as well as various houses, farms and industrial buildings.


The three French coastal forts released last year have been incredibly popular, and this week we’re releasing more in the same vein. Meet Forts McRee, Moultrie and Pulaski, fine examples of coastal forts of the American Civil War. These three were chosen because of their very varied designs, from the pentagonal shape of Pulaski, the classical (if irregular) Vauban star-fort style of Moultrie and the unique boomerang design of McRee. They are quite a bit larger than their Gallic cousins and again are resin pieces. However, we’ve gone a step further with the detail level and both Moultrie and Pulaski come with separate tiny white metal cannons to line the upper walls (McRee’s guns were all under cover). All three forts were of primarily brick construction, which frankly isn’t the greatest material to build a fortress from, especially when attacked by solid cannon shot! However, Pulaski and Moultrie are still standing, although McRee is long gone (building it on a shifting sandbank didn’t help).

All available from the website now, along with the guns which are available separately in a pack of 28.


SSS-8046 – Fort Moultrie – £7.50
SSS-8047 – Fort Pulaski – £7.50
SSS-8048 – Fort McRee – £5.00
SSS-8049 – Fort Guns (x28) – £1.50

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