Scotland the Brave!

In 329TW, the planetary governments of Hiroseke and Stewart, re-ignited their feud on Kalan, an iridium- mining colony they had founded together decades before hand, and over which they had already fought one bitter struggle. Japanese and Scots were again in open warfare over production rights and were shooting at each other for another five years…


John Treadaway added the Stewart Regiment to the Hammer’s Slammers universe about a year ago, using a combination of our British vehicles plus some Neo-Soviet APCs, along with ArmiesArmy’s excellent British infantry. This prompted Keith of AA to convert some of his infantry to wear Glengarries (traditional Scots caps) so a more Scottish-themed unit could be created. Today we’ve added these figures to our website, along with command and support weapon packs which haven’t previously been released. This also allows us to offer a 24-figure platoon pack in Glengarries, along with a Mechanised platoon including three APCs.


Prompted by John, we’re taking the platoon pack idea a step further, and we’re going to start offering complete Hammer’s Slammers Detachment Packs. These are essentially a complete army in a box that matches one of the detachment lists for The Crucible rules. The first is a Stewart Regiment Highland Detachment, a powerful 12-element unit of tanks, infantry and anti-tank guns. The pack contains everything you need to make the detachment, right down to washers to base the infantry on. The full pack contents is as follows:

* – the Highland Detachment has five 4-man infantry elements. The extra figures are for you to populate the top hatches of the APCs if you wish to (you will need to cut the figures off at the waist to do this).

Paint, glue, decals and modelling ability not included – you’ll need to provide these yourself ! We’ll be posting a painting guide in the next few days too, although John’s original unit looks extremely good so you could do worse than to study his pictures. The detachment comes in at £75, more than 10% off the price of everything if bought separately.

HS15-101 – Stewart Regiment Highland Detachment – £75.00

SF15-160g – Rifle Squad in Glengarries (x10) – £3.75
SF15-161g – Support Weapons in Glengarries (x5) – £2.00
SF15-162g – HQ Section in Glengarries (x6) – £2.75
SF15-170g – Infantry Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £8.50
SF15-171g – Mechanised Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £30.00