The Emperor and the Wind

In between the rash of 15mm releases we have other things as well, so this week we have two new capital ships to add to our Chinese Democratic Socialist Union fleet.

The first is the ChengZu class battlecruiser, named for the Ming Emperor Zhu Di. It’s a solid looking vessel with twin turrets and some heavy forward firing Shock Cannon.

Accompanying the ChengZu is the Fengzi (wind) class Carrier. Although rated as a light carrier by the CDSU, it still carries eight fighter squadrons, although not much else in the way of armament.

We’ve also reintroduced the CDSU Scout Fleet Pack, which has one each of the new models plus two each of the three new escort vessels we released recently, plus 24 fighters.

SFS-503 – ChengZu class Battlecruiser – £6.00
SFS-511 – Fengzi class Light Carrier – £6.50
SFSP-503 – CDSU Scout Fleet Pack – £22.50

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