Service and EU Shipping Update

After a last minute blitz on orders, we’ve shipped out everything that arrived before 4pm yesterday. Obviously it’s Christmas, and the postal service seems to be in a bit of a mess currently, so they might take a while to arrive, but they are at least on their way.

The Brigade workshop is now shut until next year – we’ve sent all the worker elves home, they’ll be back on January 4th, all being well. We should still be able to answer emails and queries, although response times might be a bit longer.

We have recently found out that the Royal Mail have suspended services to the EU because of the ongoing disruption to travel caused by the new coronavirus strain here in the UK. And internal parcel services have been overwhelmed by a combination of a huge surge in demand as everyone does their shopping online, and coronavirus restrictions. So if you are expecting for a delivery, please be prepared for a bit of a wait…

Because of this, and the impending end of the Brexit transition period, we’re recommending that EU customers do not place any orders until the New Year. If you place an order before January 1st, we’ll still have to charge you UK VAT; but we won’t be able to send your order until after January 1st, so in theory you could be liable for import VAT as well, which means you could be taxed twice. One piece of good news is that, as this is being written, a trade deal is looking likely so at least the spectre of additional duty should be avoided.

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