Coming Up For Air

Order Update

It’s been quiet on the blog lately, but I finally have a day away from the workshop to catch up on a few things. The response to the sale rather caught us off guard, we’ve had a similar number of orders as previous sales but this time condensed into a single week. After seven 12-hour days in the last week-and-a-half, I finally managed to finish the last sale order yesterday, but being so close to Christmas it won’t be possible to get them all sent out so one or two will have to wait until next week when the post office reopens. I’ve also done a few of the orders that have arrived after the sale, and will have one last day tomorrow to get as many of those finished as possible, but it looks like there will be a handful that are going to have to carry over to the new year.

Please bear in mind that this is a very busy time in the postal networks, and many will be running on skeleton staffs over the holiday period, so orders will take longer than usual to arrive.

We’re off for the whole of the Christmas to New Year period, so the workshop will be shut from the end of tomorrow (Christmas Eve) until January 4th – obviously the website will still be open and accepting orders, but nothing will be dealt with until then.

Show News

You may have already heard this, but we’ve been informed by the Warlords that Salute next year is off, due to the continuing uncertainty around possible pandemic restrictions – so the next Salute will be in 2023 (there’s no rescheduling this time). Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society have already cancelled Cavalier 2022 for the same reasons, so as things stand our first show next year will be Broadside in June.

EU Shipping

This is still ongoing, but we’re almost there – I had a Zoom call earlier today with a representative of the shipping agent to finalise everything. Our account has been approved, I need to make the final changes to our website software to accommodate the new shipping charges then we’ll be good to go.

That’s all, Folks !

I think that’s it for now – we were hoping to get a new release or two squeezed in before the end of the year, but there hasn’t been time. We’ll be back to normal (or whatever passes for normal nowadays !) in the new year with lots of shiny new releases. We (Phil and Tony) would like to thank you for your custom over the past 12 months and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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