Deep and Crisp and Even

We have two pieces of Christmas-related news today. The first relates to our Christmas sale – or rather, the lack of this year. If you recall, Tony was a bit under the weather earlier in the autumn and was laid low for a while. Although he’s pretty much recovered, the 5-day-a-week, 10-hour days that sale periods require might be a bit too much at the moment. We’re erring on the side of caution this year so we can come back fit and raring to go in 2023. Apologies if you’ve been waiting for it, hopefully it’ll be back next Christmas.

In between announcements, let us introduce the latest incarnation of our Brigadier character. This one has a penchant for mince pies and sherry and keeps a few surprises in his sack, just in case.

Onto some shipping updates – although this won’t be news to those in the UK. Royal Mail staff have been holding a series of strikes over the past few weeks, which have caused quite a lot of disruption to our usually very efficient postal service and has affected both UK and overseas deliveries. Unfortunately there’s not really anything we can do – for small parcels, no other provider can match the value for money services of RM. All we can do is let you know about the situation and ask you to be prepared to wait a little longer than normal. We’re shipping out orders as fast as usual, they’re just taking slightly longer to arrive. The last posting dates for Christmas have been brought forward considerably this time – overseas ones have all passed already, and the last date for first class mail is this Friday, the 16th. EU orders aren’t affected by this, since we use DHL for delivery in Europe, although during the week between Christmas and New Year there will be no service.

SF15-014 – Brigadier Santa – £0.50

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