Austin-Kegresse Half-track Armoured Car

First (because we know you all look forward to it so much…) is this week’s Royal Mail SNAFU update. The news is that they’ve started to unbung the backlog of existing parcels, so anything already in the system should be starting to move. However, they’re still not accepting any new overseas items, so we can’t post the ones we have backed up. But it seems that the end is in sight – I spoke to the postmaster at our local post office and she was hopeful that services might resume in the next few days.

Now onto this week’s new release, two further additions to our range of WWI 3D-printed vehicles.

The Russian army made extensive use of armoured cars throughout WW1. Initially these were supplied by the British Austin company with approximately 170 delivered between 1914 and 1916.

In 1916 the Russians planned to manufacture their own vehicles to a similar design. However due to the Revolution the first of these was not finished until March 1918. Twelve of the hulls were mounted on a halftrack chassis using a continuous rubber track track designed by Adolph Kégresse. The resulting vehicle was therefore known as the Austin-Kégresse.

Completed too late for service in WW1, the halftracks were used in both the Russian Civil War and the Polish-Soviet War.

GW28-501 – Austin-Kegresse Armoured Car – £18.00
GW28-501d – Destroyed Austin-Kegresse Armoured Car – £18.00

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