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So, the latest from Royal Mail as far as sending overseas parcels goes is … err … no change. Although there is some light at the end of the tunnel as RM have started accepting overseas letters again (anything without a customs declaration) so the system is beginning to move at last. We’ll keep you posted…

Town Centre Budget Hotel (l) and Modern Courtyard Hotel (r)

To end the week we have a pair of contrasting hotels in our 1/1000th (2mm) Small Scale Scenery range, both based on ones around the Brigade HQ in Maidstone, and both sculpted by Phil. The first we’ve designated a Modern Courtyard Hotel – it’s a large modern brick-built building based around a central open area. Every decent sized town has at least one like this on the outskirts, used as a venue for business conferences and weddings.

The second is more modest – we’ve called it the Town Centre Budget Hotel. It belongs to a hotel chain that specialises in cheap and cheerful stays with a clean bed, bathroom and no frills, but at a sensible price. Exactly the sort of place we use when going to shows. This one has an unusual design, and an interesting colour scheme to boot.

SSS-8198 – Modern Courtyard Hotel – £4.00
SSS-8199 – Town Centre Budget Hotel – £1.50

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