Salute #2 – Chinese Stragglers

This is our second batch of releases for Salute – we’re a bit behind with the painting this year, so there could well be a last minute flurry of posts next week as things progress !

First though, we’ve had a couple of queries about placing orders for the show through the website. It’s straightforward enough – just go to the Shipping Destination page on our website and change the option to ‘Collect in Person’; the icon looks like this:

You can then add items to the shopping basket, checkout and pay as normal, but you won’t be charged any shipping costs (UK VAT will be charged at 20%). We need any orders as soon as possible, please – next Wednesday (the 19th) at the absolute latest.

When we released the new 15mm Han Chinese trucks recently, we mentioned that not everything originally planned for that release had made the cut. Well, everything is now ready to go so we thought we’d add them to our Salute 50 lineup.

The MV-701 truck is often used to tow a large 4-wheel trailer to increase its already generous load. This will be available as a set (truck plus trailer) or on its own if you fancied pairing it with a different towing vehicle.

Adding significant firepower to the Han Guard units is the Huolóng variant of the ZSL-95 8×8 APC. Equipped with the same hypersonic missiles as the PHL-18 truck-mounted system, it provides long-range anti-tank support to Han Guard units. The launcher is a flush, pop-up system that, when closed, gives the vehicle a similar profile to a regular APC.

And these are probably our favourites of today’s bunch; in the Hammer’s Slammers story The Warrior, Han officers are noted as riding around on “three-wheeled scooters”. We extrapolated this description a bit and turned them into some meatier vehicles, a bit like a Can-Am Spyder (two wheels at the front looks a lot cooler). They are available as a pack of four trikes with infantry crew in helmets, and there’s a separate officer figure in peaked cap.

HS15-502a – ZSL-95A Huolóng Missile APC – £8.00
HS15-504 – MV-701 truck plus Trailer – £10.00
HS15-504b – Trailer Only – £3.00
HS15-560 – Trikes plus Crew (x4) – £6.00
HS15-560a – Command Trike – £1.50

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