Johnny’s Big Brother

One of our last minute additions to the Salute line-up was the 15mm Monorail set. We spent a long time looking for an affordable method to make the track for a 15mm monorail (figuring that resin-cast pieces would be expensive in the quantities needed to cross the average gaming table). The solution that we’ve settled on makes cunning use of 1/2″ cable trunking from a DIY store, which works out at <£5 for a 2 metre length and is therefore the very definition of affordable ! Each carriage has fittings on the underside designed to clip into the body of the trunking, which is flexible enough to grip the carriage and stop it wobbling or falling off the track if the table is nudged. We’ll do a full write-up of how we made our track in the near future.

Each carriage is a solid resin casting (they could be used as a melee weapon in an emergency) with separate metal turrets on the Scout Car.

B15-1130 – Monorail Engine – £10.00
B15-1131 – Passenger Carriage – £10.00
B15-1133 – Flat Car – £9.00
B15-1137 – Scout Car – £12.00

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