La Flotte Française d’Outre-mer

Our second overseas territories fleet is the Gallic force based in French Guiana. Composed again of older second-line vessels (fewer turrets, more barbettes), the craft patrol the environs of the Guianese territory for pirates and smugglers, and occasional incursions by the British if they decide it’s time to test out the French defences.

The Océan class dreadnoughts, despite their venerability, are still large and formidable opponents; the rest of the vessels are showing their age and are noticeably slower than more recent additions to the French fleet.

VAN-405 – French Overseas Fleet – £23.00

VAN-422 – Océan class Dreadnought – £8.50
VAN-423 – Arquebuse class Cruiser – £2.75
VAN-424 – Bisson class Destroyer – £2.25
VAN-425 – Laperouse class Frigate – £1.00
VAN-426 – Colonial Patrol Boats (x3) – £2.00

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