Buzzard Off !

With the Salute releases all safely on the website, we have something brand new this week. Small but perfectly formed, these are Neo-Soviet Kanyuk (buzzard) class Strikeboats. We’ve gone for a mid-green colour scheme inspired by some of the early Soyuz spacecraft. In A Billions Suns terms they would be classed as Gunboats.

While we were updating the Neo-Soviet page, we’ve added two new fleet packs, imaginatively named Fleet Pack #2 and Fleet Pack #3. The first, led by a Gagarin dreadnought, is one we’ve been taking to shows for a while but for some reason it’s never made it onto the website. It also contains three Slava cruisers, four Yerevan destroyers and three Burun missile corvettes. The second has a Zhukov battleship, a Lazarev battlecruiser plus escorts (including a pack of the new Kanyuks).

SFS-1262 – Kanyuk Strikeboat (x12) – £2.00
SFSP-1203 – Neo-Soviet Fleet Pack #2 – £23.00
SFSP-1204 – Neo-Soviet Fleet Pack #3 – £23.00

Now’s a good time to remind you about our next show – Broadside in Gillingham, Kent on June 10th. Advance orders are always welcome, you can place them on the website using the Collect in Person option, or simply email us and pay on the day.

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