Last Minute Romans

As we head off to Sheffield ready for the Joy of Six tomorrow, we have news of several brand new models in the Small Scale Scenery range that we’ll have with us. These are fresh out the moulds, and we only had time to cast a few of each.

The first is the Porta Nigra (Black Gate – no not that one), the main portal of the city walls in Trier, Germany. It’s an impressive, 4-storey structure that’s still in decent condition 1600 years after construction.

The second is a Roman baths complex, based on a reconstruction of the ones in Weißenburg, also in Germany.

Finally, this is a set of four Khrushchyovka apartment blocks. These prefabricated structures were widespread in the Soviet Union and across the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War years and many still stand today.

The Khrushchyovkas are due for release next week anyway, but neither of the Romans will be on the website for a few weeks, so if you’re coming to the show there’s a chance to get in early.

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