More Pint-Sized Great War Marvels

Phil’s been at it again, scaling down more of the Great War range to 15mm.

There are five more models, starting with a trio of US vehicles – the diminutive Ford 3-ton tank, the Jeffery quad truck and Jeffrey Armoured Car.

US 15mm Great ar Vehicles

(l-r) Jeffrey Armoured Car, Ford 3-ton tank, Jeffrey Quad truck

Next we have the intact version of the British Mk.IV male tank, of which over 1200 were made. The Germans captured as many as 40 and equipped four companies of Beutepanzerwagen (roughly translates as “looted armoured vehicle”).

And finally a model that has yet to make it to the 28mmm range, a crashed French Nieuport 17 plane which would be ideal for a ‘rescue the pilot’ scenario. As well as the French Aéronautique Militaire, the N-17 served in the British, Italian, Russian and Belgian air forces during WWI and over a dozen others after the conflict had ended, surviving well into the 1920s.

Crashed Nieuport-17

GW15-102 – Mark IV Male Tank – £10.00
GW15-201 – Ford M1918 3-ton Tank – £3.00
GW15-203 – Jeffrey Quad Truck – £5.00
GW15-204 – Jeffery Armoured Car No 1 – £5.00
GW15-402d – Crashed Nieuport 17 – £7.00

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