More Desert Domes

This week, some more 6mm Desert buildings, this time in the Desert Domes range. We have a medium tower with a domed top, a large storage/warehouse building and an open-topped domed building with a roof terrace and stairs descending to the interior.

As a result of these releases, we’ve rearranged the contents of Dome pack #3, which came out last year. Instead of four of the B300-411 small domes (which are already available in Dome pack #2 anyway), the pack now includes the new Medium Tower and Open Roofed Dome.

BP300-403 – Desert Domes Pack #3 – £15.00
B300-417 – Medium Domed Tower – £2.50
B300-418 – Open Roofed Dome – £2.50
B300-419 – Warehouse Dome – £4.00

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