Big in Japan

Time for probably the most eagerly anticipated of our Salute releases (at least by people who didn’t get to Salute !) – our new Japanese spaceship fleet. They had a very good reception at the show, so we’ve held them back a little in order to create some stock

This initial release has 8 vessels in with prominent ring structures and some wicked looking turrets on the two capital ships. The Iwari class Dreadnought is one of the largest spaceships we’ve produced – longer than the Argos space station !

SFSP-1501 – Japanese Heavy Fleet – £24.00
SFSP-1502 – Japanese Strike Fleet – £24.00
SFS-1500 – Iwari class Dreadnought – £12.00
SFS-1501 – Takao class Battlecruiser – £9.00
SFS-1520 – Kasuga class Heavy Cruiser – £4.00
SFS-1521 – Yubari class Light Cruiser – £3.00
SFS-1530 – Nadakaze class Destroyer – £2.00
SFS-1540 – Hinoki class Frigate – £1.50
SFS-1541 – Murakumo class Torpedo Frigate – £1.50
SFS-1550 – Ushio class Corvette – £1.00
SFS-7055 – Japanese Turrets (x12) – £1.50

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