Brave Little Belgium (redux)

Belgium had a rather unfortunate experience in both world wars, twice standing in the way of Germany’s invasions of France. We already have the brave defenders of 1914 Belgium in 28mm in our ranges, and today we’re adding their 1940 counterparts, but in 6mm instead.

Our initial release consists of infantry and support weapons, plus the armoured might of Belgium – T-15 light tanks, T-13 tank destroyers and the ubiquitous Vickers utility tractors. All are made to 1/300th scale – the figures are slightly smaller than our 6mm SF ranges, but designed to fit in scale-wise with the models of other popular UK manufacturers.

WW2-1101 – T-15 Light Tank – £0.60
WW2-1102a – T-13 Type.I – £0.60
WW2-1102c – T-13 Type.III – £0.60
WW2-1103a – Vickers Tractor Type A – £0.50
WW2-1103b – Vickers Tractor Type B – £0.50
WW2-1160 – Belgian Riflemen (x50) – £6.00
WW2-1161 – Belgian HMG (x3) – £1.25
WW2-1162 – Belgian DBT Mortar (x3) – £1.50

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