First up, a reminder to get your orders for Joy of Six to us as soon as possible to give us a chance to get them cast and packed. If you’re coming to the show, be sure to check out the 6mm Hammer’s Slammers game that will be next to our trade stand. The game is being hosted by John Treadaway, erstwhile co-author of The Crucible ruleset. Although it’s billed as a demonstration game, we’re sure that John will be more than happy to take you through the rules and give you command of a detachment or two.

We’ve had a minor upgrade this week to the website in terms of payment options. As well as PayPal and most major credit cards, you can now pay using either Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Today we have a new addition to our 28mm WWI vehicles range. The A7V was Germany’s only indigenous tank of the war to see service, and just 20 were built. It had a 57mm main armament and a plethora of machine guns, coupled with thick armour – although this was only steel plate rather than face-hardened armour plate, at 30mm thick it was impervious to machine guns. The downsides were its high silhouette and centre of gravity which made it unstable, especially considering the short and narrow tracks. And like all tanks of the era, breakdowns were common – many broke down before ever reaching the front line, and others suffered mechanical failure soon after engaging the enemy so were either lost immediately or destroyed to avoid capture.

GW28-304 – A7V Sturmpanzerwagen – £27.00

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