Archie !

Two new releases in the Land Ironclads terrain range today – although they would also be extremely useful in Aeronef games. We have two anti-aircraft installations, a British ‘Archie’ tower (Archie was the WWI slang for anti-aircraft) and a German FlaK tower.


VLI-8017 – German Flak Tower – £2.00
VLI-8018 – British Archie Tower – £2.00


Although the models are labelled as ‘British’ and ‘German’ and come with the appropriate turrets by default, you do have the option of selecting other turrets (US, French, Russian etc) to customise them to your own fleet or army.

Kartika Eka Paksi*

As promised, here are the first of a big batch of new releases. We’re starting with the Indonesian Republic – ten new grav vehicles and two 6mm scale Squadron Commander fighters


Indonesian 6mm Vehicles

IC-1401 – Indonesian Army Group – £35.00
IC-1411 – Indonesian Tank Company – £11.50
IC-1412 – Indonesian Infantry Company – £12.00
IC-1413 – Indonesian Artillery Group – £14.50
IC-1414 – Indonesian Armoured Convoy – £10.75

SF300-1401 – T14 Suharto MBT
SF300-1401a – T14E3 Anjalika MBT
SF300-1403 – M58 Sugama APC
SF300-1403a – M58-C Wiranto Command
SF300-1405 – S422 Slamet SPG
SF300-1405a – S436 Binaija SPG
SF300-1405b – S511 Sibayak MRL
SF300-1406 – P147 Arjuna AA Vehicle
SF300-1407 – R35 Bhima Armoured Car
SF300-1408 – Kijang Armoured grav truck

Squadron Commander


SCR-1401 – Pedang class Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-1402 – Kampak class Attack Fighter – £2.50
SCP-1401 – Pedang Flight – £9.00
SCP-1402 – Kampak Flight – £9.00

* – Indonesian Army motto – (Sanskrit, lit:”Unmatchable Bird with Noble Goals”)

End of the coaster


Many years ago, when we first started selling fleet packs for some of our ranges (Aeronef being the first, followed by the spaceships range when we adopted Starmada) we hit upon the idea of providing a CD with stats on for the appropriate rules system. All fleet, grand fleet and starter packs had a CD with playsheets which could be printed off as many times as you like. When we started to do this, the idea of everyone being permanently wired up to the internet on a broadband connection was still some way off – those were the days of 28k dial-up connections (56k if you were lucky) and we still received a significant proportion of our orders through the post, indicating that not everyone could reach our website.

Nowadays we receive few, if any orders through the post (we might have had one or two so far this year), which means that just about everyone can reach the website. The information on the CDs we supply is all there on the website anyway, you can download playsheets and other information for a variety of rules systems from our gaming pages. Because of this, we’ve made the decision to stop shipping CDs with any of our packs – the only exception will be Aeronef starter packs and the Wrath of the Syren scenario pack, because these contain rules or other publications that aren’t downloadable. If you buy a copy of the Aeronef rules or Captain’s Handbook, these will still come on a CD along with the playsheets.

By doing this we save a little bit on the cost of each pack (plus the time saved in burning the CDs) which means that we can put off any sort of price rise for now. It also makes it easier to keep everything up-to-date, as we only have to add stats for new releases to the website rather than worrying about the contents lists of several different types of CD.

Talking of new releases … look out tomorrow for the first of the Salute items to hit the website.

Where are the new releases ?

So we know what you’re thinking … you released all of these shiny new models at Salute, why aren’t they on the website yet ? So here’s what’s going on …


Firstly, we’d built up a bit of an order backlog over the last month or two (well, if truth be told we’ve had an order backlog ever since the 25th anniversary sale which we’ve never been able to clear). So to be fair to those people waiting for orders, we wanted to complete them before putting up the new items – after an order packing session last night this is almost done, there are only 3-4 left outstanding.

Secondly, some of the new items were rushed to be out in time for the show, and we haven’t quite got them ready for full release – we might have moulds and stock (well, what’s left after Saturday), but we don’t have decent photos of the new items for the website, we haven’t finished the stats to support the models in various sets of rules, etc. So we have a little bit of work to do to take the photos, generate stats etc.

And thirdly, we didn’t simply want to put up fifty new items to the website all at once and be swamped by subsequent flood of orders – having just cleared one backlog, we’d simply generate another. Frankly, Phil and I are knackered after Salute (it’s amazing how much work goes into preparing for one seven-hour show). So we’re going to release the new items gradually, one range at a time, over a couple of weeks or so in order to manage the demand. First will be the 6mm items – the Indonesian tanks and fighters – later this week.

That’s that then…..

So after weeks of preparation, late nights and long casting sessions Salute has come and gone for another year. Its always a busy day and again we didn’t get to see much of the show ourselves so have to resort to other people’s photo reports of the day to see what what was going on.

As ever we’re completely knackered. Fatally I sat down with the kids last night to watch some tele. Suddenly it was a quarter past midnight and we were all asleep in the lounge. After I got them off to bed I stupidly sat back downstairs. Once I’d woken up again at half three I finally made it to bed!

After having a couple of days off, we’ll get all of the new releases on the website to buy over the next few days.

Until then its time for a bit more sleep…..

trying to sleep

See you tomorrow …

Well, that’s it – the van is packed and ready to go, I’m just running off a last couple of bits and pieces off the printer but otherwise it’s an early night ready for a 7am start tomorrow. There’s been the odd hiccup (some combination of temperature and humidity means that the British spaceships I sprayed this afternoon look like they’ve been pebble-dashed !) but nothing we can’t survive.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow – and for those that can’t make it for one reason of another, there will be many photo reports on the web I’m sure.

Waving Flags

Three days to go …

Yesterday evening the Brigadieress and I raised the flag – the new Brigade flag that is (I have no idea what some of you were thinking …).

The old Brigade banner (below) was a home-made affair with a charm of its own, and has served us well for many years. However, it’s beginning to show its age and the time has come for it to be pensioned off into well-earned retirement.


Its replacement is a shiny new, 10-feet high feather flag from the Hampshire Flag Company (we’ll give them a plug because we’re very pleased with what they’ve done and the service we received). It should give you a chance of finding us across the vast acreage of the ExCel centre on Saturday.


Get Your Kicks

So … four more sleeps to Salute !

One of the downsides to running a trade stand at a show, especially one as busy as Salute, is that we don’t get much of a chance to wander round, chat to other traders and games, and also to see the games on offer.

However, this year I will be making a beeline to see one of the largest games planned for this year’s show, in fact one of the largest games we’ve ever seen; South London Warlords’ Route 66 game. This 36-foot long extravaganza is a 15mm SF game depicting the famous Hammers Slammer mercenary unit attempting to break through to a starport on Cullen’s World.

We recently sent some of our new PacFed models to John Treadaway, one of the co-authors of the Hammers Slammers Crucible ruleset, and he’s worked overtime to get them onto the table for Saturday, along with hundreds of other models from other manufacturers. He’s been kind enough to send us a few photos of the (almost) complete models and has let us use post here ahead of the day. So if you’re at Salute, make a beeline for the game, have a long look (you can join in) and then you can wander back over to us to buy some 🙂

vehicles 1 s

vehicles 2 s

both tanks s

command tank s

Fun with a dremel

Its just coming up to 1am and I find myself dremeling into the heads of Belgian ladies. Obvious really. What else would I be doing at this time.

I’ve one final mould to make for Salute and its the second one for the Bel;gian civilians. Unfortunately the heads aren’t a snug enough fit into the bodies to survive the vulcaniser without moving so each one has to be pinned in place. So I’m dremeling into the necks and heads of Belgian ladies.

sticking heads


Ever wish you hadn’t started something … ?

Five days to Salute and counting … and both Phil and I are posting on the same day, so you can tell how busy it’s getting !!

So we spent all our money on some shiny new display cases for Celtos, all that remained was the small matter of moving all the figures from the old case to the new one. Simples. Unfortunately I don’t think I realised quite how long this exercise was going to take. There are 275 figures (give or take) in the Celtos range, many of which are painted to a very high standard, the rest aren’t. We decided that the unpainted ones should at least be displayed with a coat of primer rather than raw metal, so they couldn’t be moved straight from the old cases to the new ones, they have to be removed, taken away and sprayed, then brought back. But of course they’re no longer in the correct order, so each figure has to be identified first before being stuck in the right spot (hence a laptop with photos of all of the figures to ID them, and a spreadsheet for keeping track of where I’ve got to).

Ah yes, removing them from the old case … the old case was make of wood, and I have no idea what I stuck them in with – but I did a good job! The figures have to be levered out with a sharp knife, lots of brute force (and commensurate care with the painted ones) and then the splinters of wood that have come away with the base have to be removed. There have been several repair jobs where separate arms have come loose and have had to be pinned and glued, and some paint chips will have to be touched up.

I took over the dining room table for an evening for this exercise … three days later I’m still there, and the exasperated looks and comments from the ever-patient brigadieress are increasing by the day …


I’m sure it’ll all be worth it …

BTW, the Salute release list has been updated and tweaked again …