Salute #5 – Off to the Colonies

Our Imperial Skies South American project is nearing the end, with just three of the smaller nations left to be released. But besides the ten independent states on the continent, in the time of Imperial Skies there were three significant European colonies still in existence – Dutch Suriname, French Guiana and British Guyana. We thought it might be fun to create some specific models to represent the forces stationed in these far flung outposts.

For Salute we have British and French overseas territory fleets, representing older vessels which are no longer up to front line European service, but still can be useful flying the flag abroad.

The British get the Colony class battleship (top) and Commonwealth class battle cruiser. Escort is provided by a re-designed Rawalpindi cruiser plus three smaller vessels.

The French get the much larger but ungainly Ocean class battleship, along with the Arquebuse cruiser and smaller craft.

As you can see, these didn’t make it to the far end of the painting queue in time (excuse the rubbish photos), so they’ll have to be finished off after Salute to make them website ready. But the stock is all in place, which is what really matters.

VAN-108 – British Overseas Fleet – £23.00
VAN-406 – French Overseas Fleet – £23.00

VAN-131 – Colony class Battleship – £8.00
VAN-132 – Commonwealth class Battlecruiser – £8.00
VAN-104 – Rawalpindi Class Colonial Cruiser – £3.00
VAN-133 – Cairo class Destroyer – £2.25
VAN-134 – Tribal class Frigate – £1.00
VAN-135 – Natal class Corvette – £0.75

VAN-422 – Océan class Dreadnought – £8.50
VAN-423 – Arquebuse class Cruiser – £2.75
VAN-424 – Bisson class Destroyer – £2.25
VAN-425 – Laperouse class Frigate – £1.00
VAN-426 – Colonial Patrol Boats (x3) – £2.00

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