2mm Middle Eastern Buildings

Today sees the release of three new sets in our ever-expanding Land Ironclads 2mm buildings range. This time we’ve moved to the Middle-East, allowing you to fight the campaigns of the Sudan, the North-West Frontier. They would serve equally well for WWI and WWII Western Desert games, or even as far the as Arab-Israeli Wars, the Gulf War or the Liberation of Kuwait.

VLI-8014 – Middle-Eastern Village (x20) – £5.00

VLI-8015 – Mosque (x2) – £2.00

VLI-8016 – Small Desert Fort – £1.50

Large scale Land Ironclad!

Occasionally here at Brigade Towers we’ve discussed the idea of upscaling some of our Land Ironclads models to a larger scale. Naturally these chats come to nothing for a plethora of reasons (mostly apathy it must be said).

Until now that is…..

Child number two, eldest son and heir has just turned ten and requested a birthday cake in the shape of a tank. Fantastic I thought. What sort of tank would a ten year old child like to have? Well obviously a Brigade Models Brunel war tractor of course.

Oddly enough the Brunel war tractor cake doesn’t seem to be commercially available (surely a massive gap in the confectionary market) so I had to make my own.

So after about three hours of cutting and icing she was finished.


I’ll admit I did cheat and bought the cake since I didn’t have time to do the baking. I also decided that trying to add scale rivets to a cake was a little too much as well.


In normal service British land ironclads would be painted either standard grey or a deep bronze green. However I decided to model mine in the “dress colours” as used on the vehicles that were involved in the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.


And the most valuable lesson I learnt whilst making the cake? Don’t give in to your children and let them spend the evening baking cupcakes which means that you don’t start until nearly midnight. Making a cake until three in the morning is not particularly good idea. In fact its a very stupid idea.

And fortunately the small child seemed impressed with his cake. That’s lucky.



More 2mm Buildings

This weekend we’re releasing more models in our remarkably popular 2mm buildings range. This time we have a pack of 16 sets of terraced houses; there are four different types with some minor variations.


VLI-8012 – 2mm Terraced Houses (x16) – £6.00

In addition, we have these:


No, not silver torpedoes ! They are in fact poplar trees. I’ve seem some excellent 2mm trees make from pipe cleaners (bump chenille) and round-headed drawing pins (check out the galleries in the 2mm Wargaming group on Facebook), but poplar trees are slightly tricker – but they look very distinctive in rural and farming areas.

VLI-8013 – 2mm Poplar Trees (x36) – £2.50

Just to show what can be done with them, I started by basing some on a short length (1″) of 1x4mm plastic strip. I drilled five 1mm holes with a pin vise and superglued the poplars in place (as you can see, they come on a variety of sizes – height and girth).


After a quick spray undercoat, I painted the trunks brown and the foliage dark green followed by a quick drybrush of a lighter colours. This brings out the texture and they already look pretty good, and would be perfectly usable in this state.


Then I coated them in PVA and dipped them in a dark flock – Woodland Scenics fine turf


Not bad for about 10 mins work (excluding drying time)


In the nick of time !

We did promise to try and get some more 2mm buildings out by the end of the sale, and by the skin of our teeth we’ve managed it ! Both the farms and factories are now on the website ready for purchase, with a couple of days to go until the end of the year.

The farms set consists of an assortment of buildings including farmhouses, windmills, barns and oast, while the industrial buildings set has a variety of factories, a pumping station, hydroelectric power station (yes, they had them in the Victorian era), a large warehouse, water tower and various sheds and workshops. The chimneys are interchangeable between the various factories to allow for even more customisation.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …
Middle-eastern buildings;
More teeny-tiny 2mm buildings; this time middle-eastern buildings including mosques (with interchangeable minarets) and small forts. Due for release in February.

On the Second Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me …
Two Flak Towers
Flak Towers
Flak towers for Land Ironclads / Aeronef. Each will take a large turret, the left hand one also has mounts for small secondary turrets halfway down.

The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me …
Some houses from a far-off country.
2mm Scale Mediterranean-style buildings, including church, hotel and traditional moulin for our Land Ironclads range; scheduled for release sometime in February.
Thus begins the 12 days of Brigade Christmas … something new every day. Keep checking back for updates.
Merry Xmas from everyone at Brigade Models.

Painted Houses

These should really have been ready when we released the 2mm buildings, but they weren’t (lack of spare time as always). But I’ve finished painting up some samples of the new houses and churches, which is much nicer than looking at unpainted castings or the printed masters ! If you click on the images you’ll go to the product page on the website where you’ll find even more pictures.

2mm Buildings Released

Today we’ve released the first 2mm scale buildings that we’ve been previewing for a while. The first models are the English village set of 20 houses and the churches. Although part of our Land Ironclads range, the models would be usable for any 2mm scale land game or as coastal terrain for 1/1200th scale naval games.

VLI-8006 English Village (20 houses) – £5.00
VLI-8007 English churches (three models) – £3.00

The plan is to release additional sets as fast as we can make them – if you’ve been following the blog for the past few weeks you’ll have seen plenty of previews, if not then just click here for more.

And of course the Christmas sale is still running, so you can buy these at 15% off until the end of December.

Late Arrival

UPS got their act together and remembered to put the parcel on the van this time, so the new batch of 2mm building prints have arrived. This package contained, amongst other things, the farms, factories and terraced houses that we previewed at the end of last month. Once I’d brushed the left-over nylon dust off, they look pretty good – the factories especially, with their larger windows and tall chimneys.

I’m also pleased with the farms, the oast houses and windmills should give a very rural feel to your layouts.

And finally the terraces, perfect places to house the workers for your factories.

And these … ? Poplar trees. Spray green, paint the trunks grey/brown, cover in flock. No idea if they’ll look any good, haven’t tried it yet, but I’m hopeful !

We’re looking at releasing these sets over the next 3-4 weeks, so keep an eye out here and on the website.