Coastal Defences

This week we’re releasing some small coastal forts in our 2mm buildings range – two variants of the famous Martello Tower, and the tiny Fort Vauville from Normandy’s west coast which dates from the Seven Years’ War.


VLI-8025a – Martello Tower (single gun) – £0.75
VLI-8025b – Martello Tower (three gun) – £0.75
VLI-8026 – Fort Vauville – £1.00


On the Right Track

We’re on a roll now with the new releases – we have not one, but two new sets in our 2mm scenics range this week (although they are closely related). If you’re going to depict a proper late C.19th scene (the timeframe for Land Ironclads and slap in the middle of the Age of Steam) you really need railways to move people and goods, so we have sets of both track and railway buildings.




VLI-8023 – Railway Track – £5.00
VLI-8024 – Railway Buildings – £7.00


These are obviously British-style railway buildings, so we know we’ll have to follow up with stations and other buildings for continental, US and other railway systems.

In answer to the obvious question, we’ll be following up with rolling stock and engines at a later date, and also a pet favourite of mine, armoured trains …

More Power

Last week’s delivery of models included our Victorian power station, based on the Lots Road station in Chelsea, central London (although scaled down). It looks even more impressive now we have it in our hands, and larger than we thought – which means that it might end up as a resin model with metal components. The final set will include an assortment of sheds and workshops along with cranes, coal barges and a tugboat (most power stations of the time were located by rivers, presumably to make supplying them with coal easier).



New in the Shapeways Shop

It was mail call time this week at Brigade Towers, which is always exciting. Yet another package landed containing a plethora of models, some of which were test prints for items in the Shapeways Shop. Clicking on any of the model pictures below will take you straight to the relevant page in the shop.

First up, and my favourite of this batch, is a set depicting a WW2 Chain Home radar installation. As well as the four receiver and transmitter towers you get the transmitter and receiver blocks with protective blast walls, a generator bunker, Nissen huts and accommodation block. All of this is modelled to 1/1000th scale so will fit perfectly with 2mm or 1/1200th or larger scale aircraft – I’ll be using mine with 1/600th aircraft once it’s painted.

Chain Home

Staying in the same scale and with the aerial theme, the second and third sets are variations on our existing airship mooring mast. The first one has the same mast but with a set of huts similar to those formerly found at RAF Cardington (the mast is long gone but the concrete base of the mast is still clearly visible from the air, and the winch hut is still in place).

Cardington Mast

Cardington Mooring mast location

The second variant has the same mooring mast with a two-storey building at the base – very much like the ones found around the Empire, in Canada and India.

Karachi Mast

Last but not least, something we made by customer request; these are scaled up versions of our 15mm Moisture Collectors, designed for 25/28mm models (the Tau Firewarrior was the only SF figure of this scale I had to hand – he’s just there to show you how big they are !). They are sold as a set of six, but if you’d like to order a different number, contact us and we’ll set it up so you can buy the right amount.


Mediterranean Houses

Firstly … don’t forget Broadside on Sunday ! This is an excellent little show with an impressive list of traders (Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games, Ainsty … oh, and us !).

We have a long awaited release in our 2mm scenery range today. We’re moving into sunnier climes with the arrival of our Mediterranean village pack of 20 assorted buildings.

The design of these models is based on houses in the French region of Provence (because I have some very good reference photos for the area), but they would serve equally well for Italy, Greece and other European Mediterranean countries. We will of course have stock of these on Sunday – although not all that many, so if you want some make sure you find us early !


VLI-8019 – Mediterranean Village – £5.00

We’re moving on apace with the development of many more sets in the 2mm range. This week I completed a late C.19th power station. It’s based on the design of the Lots Road station in Chelsea, London, but the dimensions have been scaled down to make it more manageable. It comes with a collection of small sheds and, since most of the older power stations in London are located right next to the Thames, I also added some coal barges, a tug boat and cranes.

Power Station

Houston Gamers

Andy Bouffard of Houston Beer and Pretzel Gamers recently sent us a big bunch of photos of a recent combined arms Aeronef/Land Ironclads game.

What’s really impressive is the terrain setup – Andy bought a large batch of our 2mm buildings and fortifications to create a number of villages and towns. Although he ran out of time to completely finish off the painting, they still look pretty impressive – his approach of creating a series of tiles makes for a very flexible layout.

The group also have their own wargaming weekend coming up – Texas Broadside, which is run in the wardroom of the dreadnought-era battleship USS Texas !

Archie !

Two new releases in the Land Ironclads terrain range today – although they would also be extremely useful in Aeronef games. We have two anti-aircraft installations, a British ‘Archie’ tower (Archie was the WWI slang for anti-aircraft) and a German FlaK tower.


VLI-8017 – German Flak Tower – £2.00
VLI-8018 – British Archie Tower – £2.00


Although the models are labelled as ‘British’ and ‘German’ and come with the appropriate turrets by default, you do have the option of selecting other turrets (US, French, Russian etc) to customise them to your own fleet or army.

Salute Release Pricing

Ten days to Salute (aaaaghh !!!). So here we go … details and pricing for some of the Salute Releases. We’ll update this page with more as we go along so you may want to revisit again before the day.

British Spaceships
UPDATE – please note slight changes to destroyer designations

SFSP-101 – Fleet Pack (2 Churchill, 2 Heavy Cruiser, 2 A-class, 2 S-class) – £22.00
SFSP-103 – Pursuit Pack (2 Inflexible, 2 Town class, 2 W-class, 2 D-class, 3 L-class) – £22.00

SFS-100 – Churchill class Battleship – £7.50
SFS-101 – Inflexible class Battlecruiser – £6.00
SFS-120 – County class Heavy Cruiser – £3.50
SFS-121 – Town class Light Cruiser – £2.50
SFS-130 – A-class Fleet Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-131 – D-class Torpedo Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-132 – W-class Escort Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-140 – L-class Frigate – £0.75
SFS-150 – S-class Corvette – £0.25
SFS-170 – Manxman class MWV – £1.50

As I suspected he might, Phil popped up with yet another mould which I didn’t know about – so AmRep players now get a new fighter type, the Goshawk.

SFS-262 Goshawk fighter (x12) – £1.50

Squadron Commander

SCR-1401 – Pedang class Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-1402 – Kampak class Attack Fighter – £2.50
Both available in blister packs of four models for £9.00 including bases

Indonesian 6mm Vehicles

IC-1401 – Indonesian Army Group – £35.00
IC-1411 – Indonesian Tank Company – £11.50
IC-1412 – Indonesian Infantry Company – £12.00
IC-1413 -Indonesian Artillery Group – £14.50
IC-1414 – Indonesian Armoured Convoy – £10.75
All individual vehicles – £1.00

6mm Desert Buildings

B300-109 – Villa – £2.00
B300-111 – Loading Bay – £2.00
B300-122 – Small Tower #2 – £2.00
B300-123 – Twin-dome Buildings – £1.75
B300-124 – Large Villa – £2.25

15mm EuroFed SF
SF15-401 – Montsabert Tank (tank or support variant) – £8.00
SF15-403 – Tassigny APC (twin-MG, gatling or missile mount) – £8.00
SF15-403b – Tassigny Missile Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-403c – Tassigny Command Vehicle – £8.00

15mm German SF
SF15-301 – Thor Tank (tank, heavy support or twin support turrets) – £8.00
SF15-303 – Lynx APC (twin-MG or autocannon turret) – £8.00

15mm Buildings
B15-201 – Small advanced house- £7.00
B15-202 – Medium advanced house- £9.00

Land Ironclads
VLI-8017 – British Flak Tower – £2.00
VLI-8018 – German Flak Tower – £2.00

28mm Great War
GW28-1139 – Belgian Civilians/refugees (x6) – £6.50

Coastal Defences

It’s new releases time again. Today we have two new forts in the Land Ironclads range. These are based on the existing Sea Fort model which came out at the end of last year (which itself is based on the real-life Maunsell forts, examples of which can still be seen off the Kent and Essex coasts), but with one and four pillars respectively.

VLI-8008 – Single Pillar Sea Fort – £1.00
VLI-8009 – Four Pillar Sea Fort – £3.00

Four-Pillar Sea Fort

As with the two-legged version they don’t necessarily have to be used as sea forts, they’d look just as good as elevated land fortifications. The four-pillar one would make an excellent centre piece for a fort complex, surrounded by satellite one- and two-legged forts.

Single-Pillar Sea Fort

We’ve also updated the pages for all of the forts so that you can choose the type of turret they are supplied with. Not all of our turrets have the same peg-and-hole arrangement, so some turrets will require a little bit of snipping, filing or trimming to make them fit, but it does open up the option to make themed fortifications for different nationalities. Below you can see the original two-turret Sea Fort model fitted with Scandinavian heavy turrets instead of the default British ones.


Full of Gas

We’ve added a couple of new bits to our Shapeways store recently, both to complement our 2mm buildings and fit in nicely with the Aeronef and Land Ironclad ranges.

First up is a gasholder (or gasometer). I’m not sure about other countries, but we have these all over the UK – as you come into Victoria train station in London there are several en-route next to the Thames, and another famous one is situated by the Oval cricket ground. Our model depicts two smallish ones, one full and the other about a third full.

The second model is of an airship mooring tower – based on real examples, scaled to be roughly the height of one of our Nef models on its flying stand. Painted in a red/white colour scheme, one or more of these would look great on a 2mm Aeronef landing field.

The lattice structure of models like these makes them ideal candidates for 3D printing, as they would be damn-near impossible to produce in resin or metal without making them a) in lots of pieces, or b) solid relief models, which just wouldn’t look as nice. If anyone is going to Salute and wants to get hold of either or both of these models, contact us in advance and we can order them in for you to avoid shipping charges.