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Salute is a-coming, rather more quickly than we would like ! As always, we’re more than happy to take pre-orders, not quite up to the last minute but certainly until a few days before the show. However, one thing that won’t wait is any special orders for our Shapeways range of 3D printed models. We will be carrying stocks of all of the items that are on our website page, but anything else from the main Shapeways-hosted shop needs to be ordered in – and there are only a few days left to do so. So, if you would like a Pegasus or Horsa Bridge, any of our 6mm Normandy buildings range, a Vorpostenboot, some continental power pylons, even a 28mm bandstandwe need your orders by the end of Wednesday and no later ! And, having been burnt at a previous show by someone who ordered stacks of stuff and didn’t collect it, we will have to ask for a 20% deposit on it (you can pay the rest on the day).
UPDATE – it would help if I gave out a contact e-mail for orders !



Unpainted Vorpostenboot

Unpainted Vorpostenboot

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