The Return of Old Faithful

Old Faithful is back – the centrifuge is back from the engineers, as good as new and hopefully fit for a few more years’ service. We’ve spent the last couple of days testing it out, and catching up on some outstanding orders and restocks for retailers, but they’re now out of the way. So we’re all good to go, and the shopping cart has been restored to the website and is ready to take orders.

In other news, we will not be running a sale before Christmas this year. 2020 has been a …weird… ten months so far and looks like continuing that way. We can cope with a normal volume of orders, but there are some personal reasons why we don’t want to take on the extra workload of a sale at this time. The plan is to delay it and we’ll hold it early in 2021, probably for the four weeks of February (there’s no point holding in January, everyone is broke that month !). Apologies if you’ve been expecting the sale, but nothing else is going to plan at the moment and this is unfortunately another casualty.

Stock Updates – the Good News

A box of books arrived last week, so Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible is back in stock again. There’s also a large restock of decals on the way too.

And the Bad News…

We’ve run low on stocks of flying stands over the summer, and have just been informed by our supplier that their moulds are worn and need repairing so they can’t supply any, and this will probably be the case for some time. So at the moment we have almost none left for sales or to put in fleet packs. We’ve been through the website and amended all of the fleet and other packs to show that they don’t include bases for the moment, and reduced prices to reflect this. We are looking at alternatives – although frankly there don’t seem to be many (if any). And of course most of our models have pre-cast holes to fit these particular stands, so any alternative design still needs to fit these. We’ll try to keep you posted…

Boxes and Barrels

A few more previews today – some 15mm bits we’ve had on the back burner for a while. On the left are two types of barrel, on the right a set of eight cargo cases – both very useful stowage items. The barrels will be metal, the cases resin.

At the back is a watchtower for the Desert Buildings range. This has an entrance door at the back along with a built-in ladder for access to the upper platform (it would have helped if we’d photographed it from the back – you’ll just have to take our word for it…).

American Airpower

The last two of the major powers’ Aeronef fleets to be upgraded are the US and Russia. Both are in hand, all of the masters are finished and have been moulded, production tins cast and at least half of the production moulds have been made. So for once we’re well on track to reach our target of having them released by the end of the year.

These are the new US cruisers and escort vessels – fifteen in all. Nine of them replace existing models, but there are also six brand new models. These include a cruiser and two destroyers in the same style as the Lexington battlecruiser, which will form a fast pursuit squadron.

I’ve just finished painting them in the buff and white colours of the Great White Fleet, as you can see below.

I’ll show you the Russians once they’re painted!

The Wargame Supply Sourcebook

The RPG and Wargame Supply Sourcebook is a PDF full of adverts and links to various suppliers and manufacturers of games, miniatures, dice and accessories, Kickstarters etc. Each ad is hyperlinked to it’ll take you straight to the relevant site. It’s updated monthly so should stay current. We’ve certainly come across some new manufacturers that we weren’t aware of before.

There are low- and hi-res which can be downloaded from the site –

FSHB in 6mm

As promised, a preview that isn’t Aeronef!

What we have here are 6mm versions of our more recent additions to the GS-series of hover vehicles, as used by the Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood and Ben Mehdi’s Legion. We have GS-1100C cargo carrier, the GS-700 jeep plus the -710M mortar carrying variant and the GS-934 Recce Car.

Should the FSHB in 6mm be more correctly known as the Flaming Dagger of the Holy Brotherhood … ? 🙂

All moulded and ready to when we’re back online…

Aerial Fortresses

A lot of the new models we have lined up are Aeronef – not sure why, I’ve just been on an Aeronef design kick lately! There are over forty new ones which we already have masters and in some cases moulds for. Following on from the Anson class Battlecruiser, here are some new Russian aerial batteries. They’re replacements for the existing pair of models but, as with all the other new Nef, they have lots of extra detail and are generally just better.

I’ll see if I can find something from another range for the next post 🙂

Still Working

We may be temporarily closed to orders, but development of new models goes on. We haven’t released anything new for a couple of weeks (because we knew that the break was coming) and had already built up quite a backlog of new releases. Something like 70+ new models are lined up, half of which are ready to go in terms of having production moulds available, with the others in various stages of the mastering process. So we thought we’d show a few of them, just to keep the blog rolling on.

The first of these is HMS Resolution. She’s a British Anson class Heavy Battlecruiser, fast and heavily armed with two twin and two triple turrets. Just don’t get hit, British battlecruisers tend to explode at the slightest excuse…

Going Offline

We’ve been planning a brief shutdown to Brigade for a while. Old Faithful, the centrifuge, our most important piece of equipment, needs to be sent away for a service after many years of (mostly) uncomplaining duty, just to keep it in tip top condition, and it will allow us to give the workshop a desperately-needed tidy as well.

This seems like as good a time as any, the autumn is always a quieter time for sales, and it should allow us to be back and ready for the busier Christmas period. So we’ve taken the shopping cart offline for a short period – we can’t say exactly how long, that depends on when we get the kit back from the engineers, hopefully no later than the end of the month.

The website is all still there, so you can browse the whole range, you just can’t buy anything. We are still able to supply resin-only items, ones with no metal parts at all, such as most 6mm/10mm/15mm buildings and some of the Small Scale Scenery range. But it’s not possible to get the website to do that (or not without lots of work), so if you would like to order these you’ll have send us a list and we’ll do it the old-fashioned way.

Attack on Miller’s Town

I recently had the pleasure of resuming my friendly rivalry with Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible author John Treadaway with our first game for some time in his splendidly-appointed “cabin in the woods” gaming room. I faced my brand new New Ukrainian army off against John’s force of Thunderbolts, managing a tight victory at the end. John’s written up the game on the Slammers website, so I’ll content myself with a few pictures for you to browse here and then you can go off and read his report and see lots more photos.

Slava Ukraini!

The New Ukrianian Army was formed from the core of the Zaporoskiye Brigade when their commander, Colonel Orlyk, decided to retire to his homeworld of New Ukrainia and emulated Alois Hammer by taking most of his troops with him. After he was elected president, he amalgamated the Zaporoskiyes with the existing local NU troops to form a very powerful standing army.

The regiment went through a significant re-equipment programme; their older equipment (Bizons, Kunitsa and Rosomakhas) were passed onto some of the more under-equipped NUA regulars. The newer tanks (Bars MBTs and the BMP infantry carriers) were refitted with new turrets and systems purchased from the Aurorean arms manufacturer SNCCA (Société Nationale des Constructions Chars du Aurore) and a number of new vehicles were developed by the fledgling indigenous NU arms industry; local firms built the chassis, which were then mated with imported turrets and weapon systems.

We have six new models in this first phase of New Ukrainian models; three tank types (light, medium and heavy) along with a tank destroyer, MICV and tracked jeep. We recommend our Neo-Soviet Guards figures for NU infantry. There will be more vehicles to come soon. An updated detachment list for the New Ukrainians will also be available very shortly.

HS15-3901 – Vyriz Medium Tank – £8.50
HS15-3902 – Bulava Heavy Tank – £9.00
HS15-3903 – Zhalo Light Tank – £6.00
HS15-3904 – Shershnem Tank Destroyer – £6.00
HS15-3905 – Yastrub MICV – £8.50
SF15-1210 – Polevka Tracked Jeep – £4.00