Utter Madness !

We recently got wind of a change to the Royal Mail’s list of restricted items that can’t be sent through the post – (wait for it) water-based paints. According to the Royal Mail website, no more than four pots can be sent in a single parcel, each no larger than 150ml.

(the snippet below is taken from the Pendraken website)

We don’t sell paints, so this doesn’t affect us from a business point of view, but we do buy them, and it will affect us as gamers because it’ll inevitably lead to increases in the cost of shipping.

Apparently it’s to ‘protect other items in the mail’. Fair enough, but this doesn’t sit consistently with the ability to ship a litre of alcohol in a glass bottle – surely there’s far more chance of that breaking and making your credit card bill smell of whisky, than there is a plastic pot of Ultramarine blue leaking its copious contents all over the bank statements and birthday cards ?

Leon Pengilley of Pendraken Miniatures has started a petition to get RM to lift (or at least modify) this ban. We’ve signed it, we think every other gamer should too.


Shapeways Weekend Offers

Shapeways are at it again – this weekend they’re offering some substantial discounts on larger orders:
Spend US$75 – get $10 off
Spend US$125 – get $25 off
Spend US$200 – get $50 off

Time to stock up on Power Pylons, Comms Towers, planes


The Last Post

It’s getting close to the last posting dates for Christmas again. You can find the official last posting dates on the Royal Mail website. However, to give us a chance to get your order ready, we will need a few days notice, so the last dates to get orders to us are:

Australia, Eastern Europe : Sunday 1st December
Canada, France, Greece, Poland : Sunday 8th December
USA, Western Europe (except France, Greece, Poland) : Wednesday 11th December
UK : Wednesday 18th December

If your order is anything other than a small one (> £20) or has any resin items included, please try to give us a few days extra. Obviously, if you can then please give us more notice if at all possible.


This is probably a good time to post a reminder about our Gift Vouchers. These are backed by PayPal and can be used like cash on anything on our website – they are also valid during our sale periods.

Shapeways Free Shipping

Shapeways are currently offering free European shipping until midnight on Wednesday 27th. We know that shipping costs are a major bugbear for some potential Shapeways customers, so here’s your chance to avoid them. There are a couple of caveats; shipping must be to UK, Netherlands or German addresses, and the order has to be 60€ (roughly £50) or more. That said, we have noticed in the past that Shapeways often have similar offers in the USA at the same time (we just don’t get the e-mails since it doesn’t affect us), so North American customers may want to check the Shapeways website.

We will be placing an order of our own, so if anyone wants to order one or two items from the Brigade Shapeways shop, less than the minimum amount, then let us know by the end of Tuesday 26th. You can piggyback on our order and will only have to pay the cost of getting the model from us to you (which is less than Shapeways shipping would be).


Pulp Action

Many of you will have seen, either in the flesh or in photos, the magnificient Pacific Aeronef game from Jon Rogers and his Arbuthnot’s Aeronautical League of Gentlemen.

Jon sets his games in more of an early-C.20th ‘pulp’ background rather than the late-1800’s of the official setting, and asked me if we could make some in-scale aircraft models to fit his view of things. The particular aircraft he was after were the Boeing P-26 Peashooter and the Martin B-10 bomber with its distinctive twin cockpits.

Since these models don’t necessarily fit in with our existing Aeronef range, we’ve decided to do them as 3D print-on-demand models in our Shapeways store, rather than as metal castings.



Clicking on the images above will take you to the relevant page in our Shapeways ‘Brigade3D’ store. If you wish to order a different number than those available (we have them in packs of 12 fighters or 6 bombers) then please contact us and we’ll arrange to have a file with the correct number uploaded for you; pricing in Shapeways is such that the more you order, the cheaper they become per item.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t paint the markings ! They are decals from the excellent Dom’s Decals range.

Lest we forget

poppy 2

Although there are many war memorials in and around Maidstone commemorating men who died in the Great War, one in particular stands out to me. Simply because it is in the main Maidstone Post Office and I see it every time I go there to send an order.

The following local men of the General Post Office are remembered on the memorial.

Private Frank Moody – died 28th October 1914 aged 27

Sapper Henry Robert Mount – died 8th May 1915 aged 19

Private William George Maytum – died 13th July 1917

Rifleman George Meek – died 24th October 1917

Private Richard William Black – died 21st March 1918 aged 33

Sapper Ernest Edward Froud – died 14th April 1918

Private James Thomas Robinson – died 6th October 1918

Lance Corporal Sydney William James Dann – died 24th March 1919 aged 23